Stovetop Productions

Established in 2011, S&E is a company that specializes in providing quality disc-jockey entertainment through music, lights, and interactive personnel. We strive to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for any event. Please look around our site to see what we are all about!

Stovetop Productions History:

What happens in the entertainment industry when two guys passionate about music use their skills to host a few weddings and events? The answer is simple: a business is born. In the summer of 2010, Lee (Stovetop) Stover asked Donnel (Scruff) Eaddy to help DJ a couple events. The rest is history. An additional booking here, a show there, and in December of 2011, S&E Entertainment (LLC) was formed.

Under S&E Entertainment, Stover and Eaddy are not your typical wedding DJ’s. The duo refuses to limit themselves to merely playing music. Instead, a show entertains the crowd including dancing with and for the crowd, microphone interaction, and enough energy to keep the party going all night.

Already on the Stovetop resume are proms and school dances for over 10 different area schools, 50+ weddings, events in three states, and bigger events such as the Clay County Fair (700 students) and No Apologies youth rally (1,500 attendees). Expanding to three times their original size, working with other quality area DJ’s, and generating a fan base of over 4,000 Facebook fans in only two years, Stovetop Productions is undoubtedly worth hiring for any occasion.


Lee Stover:

In Stovetop Productions’ case, it was an accident that got stated it all. Lee (Stovetop) Stover, founder of Stovetop Productions, recalls the beginning. “It kind of began by accident. I bought some equipment–mainly to play music in my house–I did a few weddings for some friends and some college events in 2009. That next summer I asked Scruff to help me out. We clicked and the rest is history.”

Lee strives to produce an experience that is everything you want in a DJ and more. He believes his job is “to bring your party to life, to get your crowd to move. We don’t stop until that job is done. We’re there to provide people entertainment and a good time, if we can accomplish that with our music and showmanship, it’s a good night for everyone.”

Visit the Stovetop Music page for more on Lee.


Donnel Eaddy:

Born and raised in New York City, Donnel (Scruff) Eaddy encountered a variety of cultures and musical styles. One summer while Lee Stover was hosting college events and weddings, he asked Scruff to assist with the events. From then on the two have continued to work together. Scruff’s speciality is mixing various tracks together, while consistently fostering a creative mind and bringing a unique sound to the dance floor.

Visit Scruff’s Mixes for more on Donnel.



Dustin Remme:

Dustin has worn many hats in the music and entertainment business over the years. His passion for The Arts has created a love for all forms of music, art, people and culture. 

Dustin grew up in a small rural town and spent most of his adult life in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He spent his childhood involved in multiple theater productions, singing, performing and trying his hand at more than one instrument.  He has fronted many bands as a lead vocalist and guitar player since the age of fifteen. Dustin is currently co-vocalist and producer of the Minneapolis-based band Ultramatix who mixes styles of pop, rock and hip hop.

As a DJ, Dustin’s ultimate goal is to have the whole room enjoying the music mix.  From Grandpa tapping his toes at the table to the people on the dance floor, Dustin prides himself on knowing a wide variety of music. He utilizes his knowledge of classic and current hits to keep the party going. Dustin is proud to be a part of the S&E team and would love to make your night one to remember. 

Visit the official Ultramatix SoundCloud page to hear their music.