Happy New Year!!

After taking a few weeks off due to illness and wanting to celebrate the holidays, i’m back to start another year of this journey in music. This year in so many ways is the year of vision, of goals, and encouraging others around you. I have learned over the past year that nobody can do it all, we all need someone in our corners. Now whether that’s family, friends, a mentor, or combination of the three it’s always good to have people that will not only push you to the next level but encourage you along the way. That’s why for 2020 i’m dedicated to putting myself around people that are trying to achieve the same goals. As a business Lee and I are expanding as well, with opening up a new location in Des Moines we are in he process of advertising to the community and participating in multiple bridal shows and forums to reach as many as possible. I want to say that this process has cost a lot of hours and miles but in the long run we are quite hopeful that we are going to be able to make the transition with success. We have met other vendors and made some connections already, 2020 is going to be a good year.

Since the new year I can say that I’ve been quite busy with performances, things are shaping up to a good start. On January 5th I played in Des Moines at Nightingale Lounge, and every Friday this month at the Firehouse bar in Sioux City. On the horizon are new venues and cities in which I will be traveling to this year including Cork, Ireland for my first international house show. When I stated that this is the year of vision I wasn’t kidding. My goal is to also have one original track and a remix done each month, more consistency and better quality productions. Sharing this with whoever reads this weekly blog will ensure that I keep my goals and I’m held accountable to staying on track. Now that I’ve started writing the blog for the year expect weekly updates as usual on gigs, production, and of course my top 5 tracks for the week.

  1. Where Da Melph At? – Katey Red
  2. Magic (Steve Darko Remix) – Ocean Roulette & VNSSA
  3. I Want To Be Your Man – Zapp & Roger
  4. Outstanding – The Gap Band
  5. On My Mind – Diplo & Sidepiece

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