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This past week was a productive one, I had a few events over the weekend, and i’ve started my road to a more organized way of living. Self reflection is something that I believe everyone should do, it brings you to a point where you have to face some hard truths, and it ultimately helps you become a better person. I have realized that having an open schedule is not something that works the best for me if I am wanting results. I get very lazy, and procrastinate when it comes to deadlines. My drive seems to dwindle, and I become complacent. In order to be a Better DJ I have to always push myself, not just in a music sense either. I feel like when you become a better person as a whole, your passions become a priority again, your bad habits start to diminish, and you live a more wholesome life. So, to gain what I want I had to kill the habit. I know it’s not going to be an overnight process, but as long as I continue to see the problem and try to rectify it, i’ll remain on the path of success.

Thursday night I continued my residency at TraynRek University in boji. As the weather starts to cool the amount of people that come out and party starts to decrease, but when you are told that people steadily come out because of the tunes you play, you have a sense of real pride. As a DJ you want people to enjoy your music, and compliments like that keep you going when times get difficult. I’m hoping that when the season ends for the owner, she decides to bring me back next year for another round of good times. 

Friday night I has Western Christian High School’s homecoming, it’s the start of the school season and that was my first event of the year. I was quite nervous to be honest. The amount of change that music has taken over the past few years, can throw you on a limb when it comes to trends. Keeping up with the latest and greatest can pose some difficulty at times, but you’d be amazed at what the kids ask for now a days. The Dance was a blast, I was able to play a mixture of old and new, I was also reminded that some songs can’t be played at school events either. All in all the kids had a great time, they are looking forward to the next time I get to DJ a function. 

Saturday night was the big dirty 30 birthday bash for my business partner and myself. Now even though it wasn’t either one of ours birthday on Saturday, we were celebrating the fact that we both turned 30 this year. We had the opportunity to be featured in the local paper regarding the event, something that neither of us expected. Plenty of people showed up to help us celebrate and enjoy the evening. We had Dustin, our newest DJ open up the night. His set contained some live vocals, and solid mix of the 80’s classics and 90’s top 40. Afterwards Lee and I finished off the night with early 2000’s hits and current ones. It was nice having people who had been following our business for 7 years now come out and dance. Now it’s time to stay hungry and take things up notch, we want to keep our fan family growing. 

  1. 71813 Feat. Richie Wess – Reaching Nova
  2. Dubplate 99 – Wolfgang Gartner 
  3. Let It Ring – Damien N-Drix & STV
  4. Stray Beast – Overflow 
  5. More Than Friends (VIP Mix) – Kelli-Leigh, James Hype

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