Scruff’s Top 5

This week i’m gonna talk about perseverance, and family before giving you all my top 5 tracks. Though I have been in Iowa for the past 12 years, I grew up in New York City (The Big Apple, Empire State). Most of my family still live in New York and I don’t get to see them as often as I would like, but that connection remains the same. There are people in Iowa that I now consider family, these people have supported my goals and dreams, Just as my biological family would. They have given me counsel when I needed it, love, and trust. I only bring this up because of my second topic in this week’s writing. Perseverance. I have been facing a DJ’s worse nightmare as of late, and that is a mixer’s block. (sort of like a writers block for any musician or author). It’s very frustrating, and very discouraging at times. Makes things like recording my show and coming up with creative ideas for sets difficult. Sometimes I feel like giving up to be honest,  but then I think back to my family, both the Biological and not. There are people in this world that believe in me, believe in my true potential even when I don’t notice it. It’s because of these people that I find strength, I keep pushing, and I remember why I became a DJ. At the end of the day in my heart I know that I will be a successful DJ/Producer. Not because of natural talent, not because of Facebook likes or popularity. Though those things are important, but because I know at the end of the day, there are people who really believe in me, even when I can’t muster the strength, I have a support team, A family. I owe it not just to myself but to those I love to be the best that I can be, to be more than what I already am; to grow into the artist known as Scruff.

  1. Where U iz (Chocolate Puma Remix) – Fatboy Slim 
  2. Show Me What You Got – Jason Julian 
  3. For You (Pachanga Boys Remix) – Michael Mayer & Joe Goddard
  4. We are E – Adam Beyer, Pig & Dan 
  5. Mind, Body, & Soul – Route 94 

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