Scruff’s Top 5

After a snowy, cold weekend full of music and cooking, I am ready not only for warmth but also more gigs. Spring time is coming upon us and my calendar will be filling up with various weddings and private events. Even though my winter has been quite busy, I’m tired of having to deal with road conditions, snow, and bitter wind chill. On Friday I made my way down to Des Moines for a hockey game and a DropKick Murphy’s concert. This is right before the weather decided to take a left turn and dump ice and mounds of blizzardly conditions our way.  The game was amazing, and the concert was even better. I had never seen Dropkick before but they know how to put on a good punk show. My lady and I jumped and danced to the music, it was a great night, we also has some memorabilia signed at the end. 

On Saturday we were stuck indoors due to the weather, so we cooked a good meal, watched a few movies and listen to some great tunes. I had the chance to catch up on some much needed work and get prepared for the upcoming tasks of this week. I’m preparing for the radio show in Sheldon, and Ireland, a charity event here in Sheldon, plus I have to play at the Firehouse this upcoming weekend. When I made my way back to Sheldon on Monday morning, there were cars and semi’s stuck in the ditch, mounds of snow all over, drifted and covering everything in it’s path including the roads. It took me 4.5 hours to get back home , on a trip that is usually 3.5 I was ready to get out of my car. Even though the weekend was uneventful besides the hockey game/concert it was exactly what I needed.

  1. Hurt – Dale Howard
  2. Chi Chi – Trey Songz
  3. Back 2 House – Antranig
  4. Position To Win – Migos
  5. Red Cup – Dakar, Solo Tamas 


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