Scruff’s Top 5

This past week has been one that has taught me about time management, preparation, and opportunity. Not only are these things the basis of success, but they actually work together, and if you can appropriately handle the first two the last is your reward. It has taken me a while to figure that out, but now that i’m aware of this (secret not so secret phenom) diligence to get the most out of life is my main priority. This just doesn’t involve the music, but all aspects of life. My relationships with people, my responsibilities to S&E, and overall becoming who I am really intended to be. 

Over the course of the week my responsibilities were as follows: Radio show for both here in Sheldon and in Cork county, finish up a track that I wanted to have finished by now, prep for a wedding, and get ready for two shows that are coming  up. By the end of the week I can say that I made an artsy radio episode, 99% of that track is done, and I have some tracks in mind for my live sets. Now comes the point where I start this week trying to keep that momentum going. I know in the past few weeks I have been very repetitive when it comes to momentum and being diligent, I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but for once I get it. Time waits for nobody, and now is the time to take the initiative and become the best you that you can be. Hopefully, I can continue to share my journey and encourage others who are on theirs and we can all grow together. 

  1. Break – Tough Love & Trutopia
  2. Piknik – Riva Starr
  3. Smash The Disco – Gemellini
  4. Not A Mystery – A – Trak
  5. Reality – Chocolate Puma 

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