Scruff’s Top 5

This past week was awesome, I finished up my latest track, played a few live shows and I successfully started my day at 5am for a full week. Now, rejoicing over one week seems rather silly, but i’ve learned that you must rejoice whenever accomplishing anything. I don’t rejoice for the attention, i’m merely sharing with you all my journey; my growth. I rejoice for me, last week I talked about self esteem, this is a part of building that self esteem, that confidence. One small step for some may be a huge accomplishment for others, i’m just taking my journey in strides and thinking about the good along the way. 

I finished my track with my mentor this past week, and I must say that i’m very happy with how far i’ve come in such a short amount of time. This doesn’t mean that i’m super fly and I should get paid as much as Calvin Harris, but it does mean that i’ve got more opportunity to build my audience with some originals for my sets. I now have 4-5 tracks that I consistently play out, and I can’t wait to have a full hour worth of original material. I had a few live shows this week and I was able to get feedback from a live audience, from people that I don’t know, but I want them to rock out to my stuff. I felt very encouraged when I had people say that my style reminded them of more popular producers, for me this just meant that i’m heading in the right direction. I don’t want to sound like anyone else per say, but to compare my current works to bigger artists I feel quite flattered. 

This week I played at the 415 in Omaha and Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls. Both gigs were exciting, I can say that i’m returning to a place in which I can’t wait to hit the stage, butterflies hit my stomach, and the rush pulsates through my veins. The 415 is like coming home and the crowd is always very receptive to the music regardless of the genre. Icon is a whole new animal, the last time I played here was for Manic Focus, and that was a few years ago; I was happy to return. The Icon set was super special because it was in the style of boiler room. No stage, the DJ is set up on the dance floor with the crowd around just enjoying the vibes. As a DJ I know that I have a skill, but I don’t see myself as better than, or higher than anyone. With that said being on the dance floor with everyone else is my kind of show. 

Next week I plan on having another track completed, another step towards my goals

  1. Back On The Bouley – AJ Funk 
  2. The Mystery Of Old Ma Clifton – Mark Knight 
  3. Boundaries – Mason Maynard 
  4. Up Up – Benny Bridges 
  5. Shake Dat – Wade

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