Scruff’s Top 5

After an incredible weekend of gigs and preparations, I am now ready to endure what the upcoming week has in store. One thing I am learning is if it’s on your mind do it. If you wait chances are that it won’t get done, or you will be rushed and that’s just as bad as not doing whatever you set out to do (in my opinion). This past week I prepped for my gigs a little bit each day and when the time came I felt that I had better sets than I had had in a long time. I was a always a fan of playing gigs off the whim, let the creative juices flow. Now I feel like having a sense of structure is necessary, maybe not the first and last track of the evening but knowing the direction you want to go with multiple track options. Last weekend just confirms this, and I think this is going to be my model from now on as I grow into the successful DJ/Producer.

Friday I was at Dordt college celebrating the class of 2019 from Unity Christian High School. The parents get together and put on a memorable night of activities for the senior class, that includes a prom dance. I have played for this school for the last 3-4 years and its awesome to get called back, but the greatest reward is watching the kids have a good time, enjoying the last party of their High school careers (if they are seniors). Unity doesn’t hold dances throughout the school year, so in order to prep for this I made sure that I had all the latest from the top 15-20 artists of today. I also made sure to keep some classics in my crate as well, being that we are in Iowa I knew that certain tracks were a must. Since the school doesn’t hold dance functions it’s hard engaging the students, most don’t dance unless it’s a slow song. Due to this I had to play more slower tracks than normal. It was fine those top tracks I had mentioned before were quite handy. Mixing up the country classics with the current pop hits, made things go over smoothly. I received lots of compliments on the selections I made, prepping def was the right option.

Saturday night I made my way to the Firehouse in Sioux City, it was a real stormy evening and in this case it helped out a lot. I had a jam packed dance floor pretty much from 10-1230. I didn’t want to play the same tracks that I was used to playing, so I browsed my extensive library throughout the week and came up with a mix that was suitable for the venue, and the patrons. The crowd was a mix of 20-40’s and keeping both on the dance floor required hopping back in forth between generations. Some classics like: yeah! and get low will always be a hit, I usually play both at some point in the night. This Saturday I didn’t play either, there are plenty of bangers out there that you tend to forget about when you get into a routine. To be honest that makes the job less enjoyable. I don’t want to be the DJ that feels obligated to play to pay bills, I want to do this because of my passion for music. This requires constant work, and changing things up every so often. Keeps me on my toes, and keeps DJing fresh. I’m looking forward to getting things ready for the next weekend full of music and celebrations.

  1. Bird Work – Thoxy
  2. Open Your Mind – Mark Gabriels
  3. Ghost Dub – Chris Lorenzo Feat. Polina 
  4. Nineteen81 – Jay Robinson 
  5. In The Warehouse – Dillion Nathaniel 

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