Scruff’s Top 5

It’s been two weeks since I released a top 5 blog and recap of my adventures, I wasn’t feeling quite motivated last week, I don’t know why but I couldn’t force something I wasn’t feeling. So now it’s back to the grind and back to the adventures. This week was no different from the last… Music, driving, and more music. This week Friday I was in Omaha, Saturday I was in Cedar Rapids, and Sunday I made my way back to my house. 

Wednesday was the start to my weekly adventures, I had my production class and was challenged to have a full track done in a week. I don’t think it is impossible, I just have to focus and get it done. So now that I have a deadline and a crunch, this will bring out the best of what I have learned so far. I had a goal of releasing music weekly before, now that I have the proper knowledge, this task is now within arms reach. It’s funny how dreams start to become reality, it’s never as fast as you want it to be, but it’s always right on time. Time to keep plugging away. 

Friday I made my way down to Omaha, I wanted to go and support some of my fellow DJ’s and check out the new Karma Nightclub in the process. DJ Ron Gotti was hosting a show at the 415 and brought along some of the Des Moines talent with him to rock the stage. It was good to be at a show as a fan and not worry about putting together a set, I was able to relax and just enjoy for once. Each artist did their thing, I can say that it was a solid show, I enjoyed the different genres, and I enjoyed the energy. I did dip out for a bit to catch some of the show going on at Karma, they were having an all female DJ night. I had heard about the venue but I hadn’t had the chance to visit formally, i’m glad that I did. I ran into some buddies there that I hadn’t seen in forever, got the scoop on the lineup and made my way to the front. There definitely  should be more recognition for all the ladies rocking the dance floors. These girls were throwing it down, the track selection and the amount of people dancing was perfect confirmation. I can’t wait to hit up the next all female lineup. I wanna keep up with how the venue and the artists grow. 

After the show in Omaha I made my way to Des Moines. I was going to a secret warehouse party on Saturday in Cedar Rapids and spending a day in Des Moines sounded like the perfect option. After waking up from my slumber I worked on my homework challenge and got stuff together for my long evening ahead of me. I didn’t leave for Cedar Rapids until 9-930. The party wasn’t going to end until 6 am so I had a plenty of time to get there. I did want to arrive relatively early so I can hit the opening set. In my personal opinion that is probably one of the hardest sets to play, and the most fulfilling. A lot of people don’t realize that the opener sets the tone for the night. Not only that but they are usually the ones playing for the least amount of people. I arrived to hear the last half of the set, and I was impressed by the way the DJ kept things bass driven without overstepping his lane. He kept things flowing but allowed the night to progress by not playing a headliner styled set. The rest of the night was awesome, ran into some friends, introduced myself to the promoter, and enjoyed some good tunes. Overall one heck of a night, a super late one, but well worth it. 

Sunday I was back in Des Moines for Easter with Lee and her family. We rode in the side by side, did some fishing and ate some burgers and salads. A nice quiet relaxing day before making the trek back to sheldon for work on Monday. Now it’s back to homework, and working on the next episode of Sheldon’s Dance Experiment. The work may never end but it’s something that I enjoy doing and I don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. 

  1. Getting Hot – Claude VonStroke 
  2. Music To Murder By – Disco Dikc, Fringes
  3. Get Dat – Gettoblaster & DJ Funk
  4. Jack N Coke – Space Jump Salute
  5. WOW (AJ Funk Remix) – Post Malone 

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