Scruff’s Top 5

We are almost done with prom season 2019, we have one more weekend to go and then its full on weddings until after labor day. This weekend I was in Sioux City at the Firehouse on Friday and South O Brien High School for prom on Saturday. Both events were quite interesting, I have come to learn that with every event I can take something from it that will help in the future. It doesn’t matter if it’s song selection, better crowd reading, or better interacting; I can take something from the gig that will benefit in the long run. 

Friday night I made my way to the Firehouse, the weather was cold and rainy and I was hoping that would bring the crowd. This was not the case. I wound up playing for a handful of people throughout the evening, but I did use this time for breaking out new tunes. This was the perfect opportunity since I didn’t have the normal crowd, I was able to use the staff, and the few people there to get some opinions. I can’t wait to play there again and test the music on a bigger audience. 

Saturday night I had to play for South O Brien High School, I arrived at the school around 6 for set up. I didn’t have to play until 9 but the dance, and the grand march were in the same room so I had to be set up before the grand march started. It pays to get to your events early, upon arrival I found out that I had to play for grand march. The person who was responsible for the music was no longer available and I was up on deck.  It was fine since I would have otherwise been sitting there for 3 hours. After grand march and moving some props I started the dance. I had the kids going for the first hour and a half, after which I was asked for some tunes that wouldn’t be appropriate for school and then kids started to dwindle out. There is a fine line when it comes to keeping your audience and the the people paying you happy. I have quite the split mind when it comes to prom dances. The kids wanna have the best party ever, especially after committing and finishing the task of schooling. They have done what their parents have asked and are now adults in a sense. Now, i’m not saying that I should just play whatever the kids want, I do have a moral compass and responsibility. Yet I do feel the kids have a point when it comes to requesting music for their last school dance. At the same time I understand the point of the school officials, can’t just allow anything to happen on campus. This is the dilemma that I face, I feel like if I cater to the students I’ll have better attendance for the full duration of the dance, playing newer tunes that might have some suggestive themes or language might not be great but it’ll give a sense of relief knowing where majority of the students  are. Playing according to what the parents want will keep a paycheck in the bank, and will be a lil easy on the ears. It won’t help with the attendance though, the kids wanna hear the music that they can relate to, the music that helped them through high school. The problem is most of that music is highly explicit, and even with clean versions of the music it doesn’t stop the students from blaring out the blanks. There is a need for compromise, one that will make my job a lil easier, one that will keep everyone happy, and one that will make the prom more memorable. 

  1. You & I (Deadmau5 Remix) – Medina 
  2. Call Me Daddy – Poplord Ft. Lil Baby 
  3. Hypnosis – Veerus 
  4. I Feel It – Leftwing and Kody 
  5. Take It (Wongo Remix) – Dom Dolla 

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