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Just finished up my final weekend of proms, and onward to the next phase of the year: weddings. I can’t believe that almost half of the year is gone, soon the 2019 season will be wrapping up and I will be preparing for 2020. Until that time comes though I will be in go mode, we have 40+ events on our schedule and #1 for May starts this Saturday.

Friday night I made my way to Hull IA for Western Christian’s High School Prom at the town country club. The kids arrived shortly after 8 and we partied up until 1045pm. The original time for end was 11 but with about 15 mins the kids started to leave. I figured that they had to go and get ready for after prom. The kids seemed to have a good time, I made sure to play as many of their favorite tracks I could. Even though it’s a Christian school we were able to have a little fun until they started filling in the blanks; kids will be kids. I will say that I do enjoy sending the kids off to the next chapter in life with one last high school party (for the seniors). I remember my High School prom and I can say it was a blast, if I could go back and relive that party I would, that’s what I want to bring to the table when i’m on the decks. I want those kids to re live those memories for years to come.

Saturday was the end of an era for my High School Prom. I made my way to Clay Central Everly for their final High School Prom, the last time that gym will be used for a school basketball game, the last year that classrooms will be filled with students. It was a very emotional night for all, I had been invited to play their prom for the last 4-5 years, and needless to say I was honored by the fact that I would be able to send them off right. This year I let the kids hear all the hits that they asked for in previous years but didn’t play, since I didn’t have to worry about the potential backlash for next year. That doesn’t mean I played unedited versions of the songs, it just means that if they swore during the blanks I turned a deaf ear to it for the night. By the end I was able to take a photo of the survivors of the 4 hour dance with there principal. I wonder what they are going to do with the building now that it’s not going to be used as a school.

  1. Lurve – Tom Debunk 
  2. Delta – Honey & Badger 
  3. Party People – Novodisc
  4. Who Is It – Nofone
  5. Work your body – Steve Darko 

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