Scruff’s Top 5

It was a busy weekend for me, I had a double booking on Saturday and I played at the Firehouse on Friday night. this is just the beginning of my busy season and most of my weekends will wind up this way (or at least I hope so). This is also the time in which I must take care of myself the most. Since I will be running on little amounts of sleep I need to make sure that things that I consume are healthy, and that I stretch my muscles as often as I can to ensure minimum chances of injury. 

Friday night I made my way down to Sioux City after a day of cooking and preparing my tracks. I am really grateful for having the chance to play down there whenever I don’t have another gig booked. In order to keep this residency I must continually find songs that keep the crowd rocking, and keep my sets fresh. This is one of my biggest challenges, with the way the trends change and how songs are a hit and then forgotten it’s hard to keep up with everything.  I do my best and I make sure to take requests, I want to make the connection with my audience and make sure that I can get familiarized with as much music as possible. This tends to work in my favor, whenever I play I always come home with a new list of tunes that I should have in my library. This case was no different. Throughout the night, I had a plenty of requests and made a list of songs I didn’t have. I don’t know if there is a better way of going about this, if there is I would definitely be open to trying it. Until then, I’ll continue ask my audience and do my research. 

Saturday I had two gigs to play, one was a wedding and the other was a bar gig. Both were in Sheldon, but the times frames were going to overlap. After discussing this issue with the bar owner, I was able get a compromising start time for the second gig. This was the start to a long but very satisfying day. 

The wedding started at 4 and reception at 5 but due to some rain the reception started a little bit earlier. That why it’s always good to be set up and ready well before the event starts, you never know what events will take place that push things forward or hold them up, preparation is key. Other than the rain everything else went quite smoothly, the bride and groom looked awesome and their families were ready to party. For the next few hours we had a good time singing and dancing, it was a joyous occasion for sure. 

Part two of the evening start 20 mins after my reception was over. I made my way over to Brady’s Pub, the place  was packed and the drinks were flowing. I started playing my usual tunes to get the crowd moving to familiar songs, after a while I made sure they heard some newer tunes. The night went on without a hitch and I was happy to entertain. I found out about some new songs I need in my library and when I play there again i’ll have them for sure. I’m happy to be on this journey of music and growth. This is awesome.

  1. Play It – Qlank
  2. 2012 (Brohug Remix) – Party Favor 
  3. Cash Money (Koos Remix) -Malaa
  4. Don’t Look Back (Jay Robinson Remix) – Shift Key 
  5. SuperZoom – Bart B More 

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