Scruff’s Top 5

It was a great weekend off for me, I had the opportunity to see some live music, meet up with some friends, rest and relax. The wedding season is in full effect and anytime I get the chance to take a break I will. My body is already feeling the effects of going nonstop, this just means that I have to start exercising and making sure I get adequate amounts of sleep. This weekend I got that sleep and much more. 

Friday night I made my way down to Des Moines to meet up with my lady to go and see Tool at the Wells Fargo Arena. It was the second time I would get the chance to see the band and her first. We made our way downtown early for a nice dinner and treats before the show started. Tool played from 9pm – 1130pm, they took a 15 min intermission but that was after playing for over an hour and a half. The show was phenominal we had an awesome time with great seats, watching those guys play after all these years of putting out music just goes to show what true mastership is. This was an eye opening experience, clarity, thinking to myself that hard work dedication and believing in yourself can truly take you places unimaginable. 

Saturday night I went to The Booty Movement’s annual Bump and Grub in South Des Moines. DJ D-nuts invited me out for the grill and dance event, it was held at the South Ridge Mall in one of the open spaces. I was quite surprised at the location but it was quite ideal. The kids that were there had plenty of space to play without the parent’s having to worry about them, the music was bumping and there wasn’t another store nearby so being loud wasn’t a problem at all. While there I ran into some of my dj friends and made some new ones, I had the opportunity to connect with another radio show host and some event promoters. It’s awesome to see how this scene has grown and what can happen with a little bit of thinking outside the box. I hope these guys continue to host this annually. 

My weekend was full of fun, simplicity, and achievements. On top of going to see a good show, eating good food, and surrounding myself with good people, I finished up my latest track. I’ll be sending it off as a demo later on this week with hopes to get it signed in the near future. After a year of producing i’m now taking the next step into becoming a paid artist hopefully i’ll get lot’s of music signed and i’ll be able to tour the world, only time will tell. 

  1. Expression – Groovebox, Nader Razdar
  2. Dancing Till My Legs Give Out – Gerry Gonza ft Bekah
  3. You Little Beauty – Fisher
  4. Lick Up – Leandro Da Silva & Siwell ft Sam Stray Wood
  5. Give Dem – Diplo & Blondish ft Kah-lo

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