Scruff’s Top 5

This Memorial weekend was full of events across Northwest IA. Friday I was down at the Firehouse, Saturday here in Sheldon, and Sunday I was at Okoboji. The weather was awesome for the events despite what was predicted earlier in the the week. Combine the sunshine with some good tunes and food and you’ve got a party!

Friday I made my way down to the Firehouse in Sioux City.I had prepared for the evening by grabbing a ton of newer tunes, I was destined to play 85% of my tunes from the last 3 years. I don’t want to get stuck in a generation, not accepting any new material that happening right now. So that meant I update my collection on Nipsey Hustle, YG, Jonas brothers, and other various artists that have had hits over the last little bit. Upon arriving I had the choice of Setting up outside on the patio, or inside at the normal spot by the dance floor. Due to the recent predictions of rain, and other forms of precipitation I set up indoors. There’s something about water and electronics that just don’t mix well. I’d rather be safe than sorry, in this case I was feeling a little bit of both. The weather was gorgeous and people started to pile in to the bar. They would grab drinks and popcorn, but then they would head right back out to the patio. This caused a dilemma for me, I had no crowd that I could read from. Luckily I received praise from numerous waitresses as they walked by singing and dancing to the tunes. I really wished I had set up outside, but if the rain would have come this post would sound totally different. At the end of the night the owner thanked me for coming out, praised me for the tunes and said next time we should def set up on the patio. I couldn’t do anything but agree, missed opportunity for sure. Can’t wait for the next time though, hopefully great weather and my first outdoor event of the season.

Saturday I was close to home, I had the Halse/DeVries wedding at the Crossroads Event Center. Once again the weather was beautiful, it had to be around 70-75 and a light breeze in the air made everything seem perfect. The bride and groom looked stunning along with their party, thhey gave awesome speeches, had fun with the guest when it came to the kisses and had fun with the scavenger hunt after dinner. These guys were ready to party, I had a full dance floor the whole night. I played everything from country to hip hop and even a little dubstep. One of the highlights was when I played Mr. Brightside by The Killers and everyone went nuts. They sang every lyric to the song and just had the look of utter bliss on their faces. By the end of the night everyone wanted to continue partying and if it wasn’t for the fact that the building had to be closed by a certain hour i’m sure we would have kept going. These are the highlight weddings we as DJ’s look forward to. Not all events are like this but when they happen it really rejuvenates our creativity and love for what we do.

Sunday I had a small event at a new venue called The Snapper in Okoboji, IA. I was helping a lovely family celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Darnold and Diane Jamtgaard. Now when you talk about tunes from 50 years ago, you start getting into a realm that is beyond my knowledge. There were a few tunes that the family had requested that I had never hear of before, especially since some of the tunes were made in the 1940’s. Nonetheless these guys came to party as well. WE rocked the dance floor for a good 3 hours, from line dances to waltz’s we had an awesome time celebrating the union of 50 years. The staff was also pretty amazing at the Snapper, they were very accommodating to my needs, and when observing their interactions with the family it was reaffirmed that the venue had planned to stay awhile.

After a Long weekend it’s now time to get prepared for the upcoming tasks. I have a radio show to record and an upcoming event at the 415. I’ll be giving more details to those events on the next blog, until then catch you on the dance floor.

  1. Oye Mami – Bad Boy Bill & Nick Rockwell
  2. Make It Hot – Myles 
  3. The Homie – Prok & Fitch, Kevin Knapp 
  4. Stacy’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne 
  5. Da Pinte – Kramder, Honey & Badger

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