Scruff’s Top 5

It was an awesome weekend for some music, the weather was nice and after a long week of working dancing is the perfect stress reliever. This week I was down at the Firehouse on Friday and the 415 on Saturday. One event was an open format style and the other was strictly electronic. It was adventure of late nights and little sleep but totally worth it.

Friday night after work I checked the billboard top 100 to make sure that I hadn’t missed any new tunes and then made my way down to Sioux City for my first outdoor gig at the Firehouse Bar. The weather was supposed to be clear and I was ready for a true summertime styled event. I had a great time playing around with the crowd, played some wedding favorites like the cha cha slide and cupid shuffle upon request, played some EDM crossover tracks as well as top 40 hits. It was great seeing the crowd accept some familiar yet different versions of club hits. It brightens my spirits knowing that Northwest Iowa is catching up with the rest of the world. Don’t get me wrong i’m cool with playing top 40’s but as a dj I want to introduce my audience to newer music and different styles. With that being said I played DJ Andy Rivera’s remix to Post Malone’s WOW, and I played a Hip hop track by my brother Switch’d from back in NYC. I take great pride in playing out music and being able to support my friends and their craft as well as my own is just an amazing feeling. It’s like having the exclusive of exclusives for me, especially when both Andy and Switch’d are from different states. The night went by smoothly I was able to engage and keep the crowd going most of the time besides grabbing drinks and bathroom breaks. I can’t wait to get back and play again, with my wedding schedule its hard to make down this way, but when I do play it is a nice change for a night.

Saturday Morning I was up bright and early for my class session with Cova, we got some more of my latest track finished and by next week this time i’m positive it will be done. After a nap and breakfast I hit the road to get to Omaha for my set at the 415. I left quite early due to more flooding and rain levels, they just reopened I-29 and had to close it again. Took me a little over 3 hours but I made it down with enough time to grab some food take a shower and get a lil nap in for an hour or so. On the lineup we had Bassvine, Moeglie, and myself. Laratec was supposed to be joining us for the festivities but due to some unforeseen circumstances he couldn’t make it. I wish him all the best and strength during this time. I kicked the night off with some commercialized house tunes and slowly worked my way into the underground. I usually don’t play this way but you want people to come in the door and have them hear some stuff that they can recognize before melting there faces with tech house bliss. I had an hour and a half, plenty of time to make the music experience jump off right. After my set Bassvine took over and continued where I left off, going deeper in the underground and taking the night to the next level. Closing off the night we had Moeglie the jungle DNB styled DJ from Lincoln, NE. He took us on a fast paced adventure for sure, the perfect to close it up. We had the place packed to the brim by midnight, and the lines made it’s way down the block by 2. It’s been a while since i’ve had a sold out event, it felt really good knowing that I can still do it.

Sunday my lady and I stuck around the Old Market in Omaha. The taste of Omaha music and food festival was going on and the sun was shining so why not. While there I ordered a hispanic treat, an ear of corn on a stick covered in chili seasonings, cheese and mayo. There is nothing like it on the planet, really fattening but so delicious. Afterwards we continued to enjoy the day by riding scooters around the Old Market, window shopping, playing some old school pinball machines, and grabbing a nice Louisiana styled dinner. Another long day after the 3 hour drive home, but it was well worth it.


  1. Miresa – Feeniks 
  2. Bassdrum – Biscits 
  3. Otto’s Chant – Skream, Michael Bibi
  4. Fly Disco Fly – Disco Boy 
  5. Work Out – Cassimm

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