Scruff’s Top 5

Well it was a very fun and busy weekend for me with events on both Friday and Saturday. Friday I had the chance to check out one of my fellow DJ’s company rock a wedding, while I ran the Photo Booth. Saturday Lee and I helped a lovely couple celebrate their marriage union with a dance that we will remember for a long time. 

Friday I made my way to Sioux Center, IA for Madison & Chris’ wedding reception. I was not there to DJ though, I had been hired for the honor of capturing the fun times of the evening with the photo booth. On Decks for the evening was my brother Adam Sieff from Sieffstyle Entertainment. Adam and his brother run a multi op out of Sioux Falls, SD, and they are definitely a group of guys that Lee and I model our company after in terms of: style and outgoingness. After all the years of us getting together bouncing ideas, and just learning what we can from each other, this is the first time I have gotten the chance to witness the company in action from start to finish. I will say that for the most part we do the same thing, but there was stuff that I did learn from watching. Throughout the night I had lots of photos taken and filled up prob 2/3 of the photo album by the end of the night. Needless to say the booth was a hit with all the kids, they all took multiple pictures, switching up the props and just being silly. After the dancing started and the liquid courage was flowing a little bit, we started to see more family photos in the booth. Parents, and grandparents took the opportunity to capture their immediate family tree for the evening. This is what I most enjoy about the photo booth. I get to do the facilitating of music most nights, but this was a great change, I really enjoyed seeing the different view of the evening. 

Saturday Lee and I made our way up to Sioux Falls, SD for Katie and Dan’s wedding reception. These guys were a young couple with old souls, and that’s not a bad thing at all. From the introduction music to the dance these guys were a huge blast from the past. Our selections for dinner included tunes from the 40’s- 70’s, and the dance from he 60’s-80’s per request. Now we did have some newer music as well, but for the most part we stayed within those parameters when it came to our selection. This was also a photo booth event, so we had Luke manning the booth while we spun the tracks. This wedding def had me taking out my classics, songs that I really had forgotten about. Lee and I both agreed that most of the tracks played would be going into our updated dinner playlist. I mean these songs catered to the older generation mostly, but in all honesty the older generation are also the first to leave receptions. if we get them to have a good time they’ll stay longer and then the dance floor is not only full with one or two generations of youth, but maybe four or five different generations. I can’t wait till next week, more weddings and more memories to be made. 

  1. 25 Cents – Tuff London 
  2. You Are The Light – Hot Since 82 ft. Jem Cooke 
  3. Basslyn – Bart B More 
  4. Get Girls – Tough Love ft. Marshall Jefferson 
  5. Do Or Die – Hotfire 

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