Scruff’s Top 5

It was a busy weekend for me, full of celebrations and full of dancing. With two events this weekend I was quite exhausted by Sunday, but i’d never trade it. The weather was awesome which was refreshing, and crowds not only expanded my knowledge on music but hyped the party to the max.

Friday night I made my way down to Sioux City for a night at the Firehouse, I don’t get a chance to get down there as often as I like with a busy wedding schedule, but when I do it’s nothing short of a good time. The crowd is always eager to boogie and this time was no different. I arrived around 9:30 to check out an acoustic act that they had playing before me. The dude’s stage name was Wayward. He played the keys, and guitar while singing some covers. He had a good sound, perfect for the happy hour. After finishing up his set it was time for me to turn things up a notch. The drinks were flowing and now the party was about to get started. throughout the night I played all the top hits, and some party classics. I even tried out some tracks that I wasn’t sure about, but turned out to be quite successful.I had a group of people from Louisiana that were asking for tracks that I had never heard of, they were in the style of Jigging and that’s more of a southern style of music. I definitely was not familiar with the artists, but due to having a hot spot I was able to grab some of the songs. To see the joy on their faces after I played one of the tracks was priceless. This is what I live for making the night special for someone. Not only did I make those guys feel special, but I learned about some southern hip hop in the process.

Saturday Morning I started my day off cooking at my day job, I was super tired due to only getting a few hours of rest from the night before. My shift wasn’t long and i’m grateful for that because I had to do some last minute preparations for the wedding I had later on. I had to make my way to the Avalon Ballroom and that was about 40 minutes from my house, my rule is to be at a venue at least 2 hours before the reception starts making sure I have plenty of time for schedule change and set up. So having adequate amount of time is vital. I finished my preparations and set up with plenty of time, I had an 8 hour evening ahead of me and was ready to get things started. It was a beautiful reception, the bride, groom, and all their guests had a blast. The playlist that they gave me had some awesome songs that I was able to build off of making my job easier. Time flew by and before we knew it the end had come. We did all the traditional activities at most weddings. We played the shoe game, had a dollar dance, and threw the bouquet. The newlyweds were quite easy to work with and it was an honor to celebrate with them.

Sunday I was back in the kitchen but after my shift I rested. Much needed for sure, I slept for most of the afternoon, had a late dinner and went back to sleep. Another successful weekend, and the start of another week of gigs and work ahead.

  1. This Is America (Todd Terry & Louie Vega & Kenny Dope Remix) – Childish Gambino 
  2. Day ‘N’ Night (Tom Budin Night Remix) – Kid Cudi 
  3. 20 Girls (Mark Knight Edit) – DJ Lora
  4. Letting Go (Franky Rizardo Remix) – Mont Blvck
  5. In Degrees (Purple Disco Machine Remix) – Foals

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