Scruff’s Top 5

It was a busy weekend for me with events on both Friday night and Saturday. Not only did I have events both nights but the heat and humidity were also on max making things quite uncomfortable. This has the potential of effecting how many people come out to dance, regardless the music kept playing and that’s the most important thing. When the weather is that warm you have to take care of yourself, drinking lots of fluids is highly recommended. Also wearing light clothes can keep the little bit of circulation flowing while you are performing.

Friday night I made my way down to the Firehouse in Sioux City, the temp on the car said 92 but i’m sure the real feel was at least 100. The air was super thick and before you could walk two steps you had sweat dripping off your body. I know this was going to have a huge impact on attendance for the evening. The AC was on inside the bar, but during the summer I set up outside on the patio so I had to battle the elements while keeping the party rocking. Throughout the night there were waves of people that came out and due to the conditions you could tell that they were there to enjoy the music but not get crazy. This was a chill kind of night. I kept the crowd toe tapping and singing along to the hits of the late 90’s and early 2000’s most of the night, the main thing people wanted was hydration. Now maybe not in the form of H20 but they most definitely wanted to keep their palates moist, while trying to keep as cool as possible. Overall the night was alright, it wasn’t comfortable but I do believe everyone had a good time.

Saturday Night Luke and I made our way to Marcus for The Erdman/McDaniel wedding. The couple had both the DJ and photo booth services in order so we were ready to bring the party in full effect. WE arrived to the venue and realized not only was there no space for the booth but no space for myself as well. In this industry you learn how to adapt and conquer real quick. We took the most miniscule amounts of space and made it happen, by the time the guest arrived we were ready to rock and roll. As guest filled in the Ac unit kicked on and it was time to proceed with the night’s activities. We had a fun time with the introductions, scavenger hunt and of course the dance. The photo booth was a hit with loads of pictures, memories that the newlyweds will enjoy for years to come. Time flew by before we knew it the reception was over. It was an honor being a part of their special day.

I have a release coming out on Double Drop Records out of the UK. The pre order is now available, this is an exciting time. Never would I have ever thought that I would be releasing any music anywhere. All I can do now is keep working to make sure that these opportunities come around more often.


  1. The Sonic Busters – George Privatti & Guille Placencia
  2. AI AI AI – Qubiko
  3. Nama – DJ Dove
  4. Brooklyn Wheel – Supernova
  5. Banging – ItaloBros

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