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It was a very exciting and interesting weekend in the world of music. I played a few shows and have come into the new week with ideas and a better understanding of how we can connect regardless of situation and circumstance. It’s always fun to be put in difficult situations just to see how you will come out, how resourceful and adaptive you can be. This was probably the theme of my weekend, I survived but now i’m prepared for any future endeavors as well.

Friday Night I mad my way to the firehouse for a night of fun and dancing. The weather actually cooperated with me and held off on the rain so I was able to set up outside on the patio and enjoy the summer night. I was hoping that the place would be packed with it being a holiday weekend, but it was not. The fourth was the night before and on Saturday was the big Saturday Night In The Park celebration. This is a free all day concert that combined local, regional, and international acts and put them all on the same stage. So with all the activities surrounding the weekend, the atmosphere was very chill. Instead of complaining about the situation, I made the most of it. This was the perfect opportunity to see if I could get the party going even though the crowd wasn’t in the party mood. I wanted to see if I could get a nice groove going, keeping drinks pouring, and ultimately get the crowd dancing even if it wasn’t on the dance floor. The crowd was younger so I knew I was going to have to hit them with more hits from the last few months and not from the early 2000’s. to get everything started I played some instructional tracks such as: Cupid Shuffle, The Git Down, and wobble. These got the crowd moving a little, it was humid out so it didn’t keep them very long but it did encourage them to hit the bar for some more beverages. This was the motion of the evening, dance floor and bar. I didn’t have a full dance floor but I did keep the customers happy. They sang, drank, and enjoyed their beverages. All I could do is take requests and keep them at their current location, with the heat and humidity I can say I accomplished that. The bartenders were happy with the amount of tips they were making so I was happy.

Saturday I had a wedding at the Crossroad Pavilion here in Sheldon, it’s always great to have an event in town. Not only because it’s less travel time, but because I like to support the local market. Having a local business and supporting other local businesses ensures that money stays in town. The wedding was for a dear friend of mine from my college years, it was great to see the smile on her and her husband’s face. There is something to be said about having that glow of joy whenever you look at your significant other. I was ready to rock and roll for the night, but I knew I had a task on my hands. The groom was from the NW Iowa area, but his bride was from Honduras. With that being said half of the guests spoke two different languages. Music is universal and thats keeps us all connected, but when you aren’t familiar with certain styles of music, it can create some difficulty. I wanted cater to both sides of the family to make everyone feel comfortable, I just wasn’t sure how to go about doing it. I started the dance with what I thought would be some crowd favorites the cha cha slide, cupid shuffle, cotton eye joe, and the wobble. After that I had the bride come up and tell me that her side of the family wanted to dance and I needed to switch it up some. I had no problem doing that, I just didn’t know what to play, so I made the executive decision to ask for requests. Now usually as a DJ I want to rock the crowd and take you on a journey, but at the same time I know that asking for help when needed is not only smart, but it allows me to grow. Within a few moments I got exactly what I asked for, the requests started to pile up and I was on my way. By the end of the night I can say that there were maybe 10 english speaking tracks played during the duration of the dance. I tried going back and forth but every time I played an english track my dance floor cleared, and as a DJ I want to have a packed dance floor. I feel bad for the groom’s side because most of them didn’t dance, they had some celebratory drinks and I think they had fun, but no one hit the dance floor. I was told that I did a great job at the end of the night, but in my mind I felt like I could have done more. This has put me in a newfound position to where I never want to feel like this again. I’m going to study music from all languages, I want to be more than prepared and capable of rocking the dance floor for all people and cultures. if i’m ever in this situation ever again I want to feel like I did the best that I could.

  1. Another Brick In The Wall (Saffa 135 extended mix) – Hot Coffee Pres. Pink Coffee
  2. Run It By Me – Human Movement, Eliot Porter
  3. The Sound Of Violence ( Dancefloor Killa Remix) – Cassius
  4. Preach – Watermat
  5. Hurricane (OFFAIH Remix) – deadmau5 & Shotty Horroh

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