Scruff’s Top 5

This week I have the opportunity of doing Sioux Center’s High School Prom, and the Junger’s wedding. Now though they aren’t clubs or raves, or even artist spots I feel like you have to play each event the same. Play the event as if it were your last, or rather yet; the beginning. Giving your audience your all is one that is rewarding and yet very vulnerable. Putting your creativity to the test, seeing if all your preparations were enough, being the ringleader of the dance floor, making magic in peoples’ lives, it’s all you can ever ask for being a DJ. With that said if you struggle, if you aren’t what you hoped to be, the audience can sense this tension, and sometimes that’s the hardest skill to hone. Failure is a part of growth, it is a part of learning how to handle pressure. As a DJ i’ve been in that very situation, i’ve had the killer crowds and then i’ve had epic disasters. The lesson is to never give up and take both situations humbly.

  1. Despacito – Luis Fonsi ft Daddy Yankee & Justin Bieber
  2. Pretty Boy Swag – Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em 
  3. Play That Song – Train 
  4. My Girl – Temptations 
  5. Places (KlARDUST Remix) – Martin Solveig ft Ina Wroldsen

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