Scruff’s Top 5

It was an exciting weekend of music, I was somewhere keeping the dance floor alive on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This was the first a of a few weekends in which all three days have events. Friday I was in Sanborn for their Railroad Days celebration, I was the entertainment for the Street Dance. Saturday I traveled to Storm Lake for a wedding, and Sunday I was down in Sioux City for The Firehouse’s annual luau party. Though I didn’t get a full day off this weekend I was glad to be a part of all the smiles, laughs, and fun.

Friday night I had the privilege of joining KIWA’s mid year Christmas party for dinner. It’s the only time of the year that all the employees and on air staff can get the chance to be in the same room, we had a lovely meal and great conversation discussing everything from sports to old DJ gigs. After enjoying the dinner I had to take leave and head towards Sanborn for their Railroad Celebration Days street dance.  I met our latest team member onsite for some training and fun. She had done a plenty of events with Lee but this was only our second time working together. It’s great for her to see our different styles of play and make her own style out of the two. We had a great time playing hits from the 80’s all the way to the present top 100. The dance went from 9-1 and afterwards I was ready to get home and go to bed. I had to working in the early am, plus a wedding afterwards, I needed as much sleep as possible.

Saturday afternoon after finishing up my shift at the restaurant I made my way back to Buena Vista University in Storm Lake for the Radke/Sexton Wedding. This was my second wedding at BVU within the last month. The venue is beautiful, large windows and quite open, I was looking forward to celebrating with the bride and groom. We had fun with the wedding party and guests with song Jeopardy for dinner dismissal and the scavenger hunt that was made to replace the dollar dance. I played lots of country which is not my favorite genre of music, but as long as the guests enjoyed themselves I was happy. We partied into the wee hours of the night with guest Karaoke from one of the groomsmen, and line dancing. I can’t begin to express how much of an honor it is to celebrate with the different newlyweds and their families, its very joyous to be a part of the festivities.

Sunday I went down to Sioux City for the annual Luau that The Firehouse throws once a year to celebrate and thank the staff. Being that I have been DJing at the venue for almost a year now I was invited to come out and enjoy myself. There was a cover band playing hits, a pig being roasted, and bar patrons enjoying the music, drinking, dancing, and jumping in the swimming pool filled in the middle of the outdoor space. It was my first time experiencing this Hawaiian themed madness but I was surely glad to be there. This was one of the few times in which I was able to hang with the staff and not have to work. I made connections with various security members, bar tenders and locals. People that had heard me play and hadn’t had the chance to talk or take pictures, the social media workers, and the guys roasting the pigs. It was like one big picnic, or family reunion. To add me to the mix was humbling, it made me realize that they didn’t just think of me as entertainment, but a member of the team. This gives me more ambition to be a better DJ, a better entertainer. It’s also exciting to think about my journey in music, how long it’s taken me to be at this point, and what lies ahead in the future; working harder will definitely build more opportunities like this. Around 9 I was asked to start playing some music, the cover band had been getting a lil merry, and after 8 hours of playing, drinking, and dancing they were ready to call it quits. I was glad to help out and play for the rest of the night, the weather took a turn and it poured about an hour into my set. I thought that would end things early, but the people that were there just kept on dancing. I guess since they were jumping in the pool and were sweaty a little rain prob felt great. The rain stopped after sometime and I kept going until 130 when the noise ordinance started. I can’t wait till next year, this was really fun and I hope to return either behind the decks or just to party it up.

  1. The General – Mark Knight
  2. Careless – Luigi Rocca Feat. Materianera
  3. XTC – Solardo & Eli Brown
  4. What You Got – Alexander Orue
  5. JustYourSoul – Valentino Khan & Diplo


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