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It was a very busy weekend for me, I usually get one Sunday wedding a year and this week was that one wedding. Friday I was down at the Firehouse, Saturday a wedding in Brandon, SD, and Sunday a wedding in Arnold’s Park, IA. All three events were fun and I was extremely happy to be the chosen entertainment. It feel great to be needed, even though I probably needed a little more rest, it was good to see the smiles on faces throughout the night.

Friday after I had finished my production class I made my way down to Sioux City for a fun night at the Firehouse Bar. The weather was a lil cooler so I was expecting the crowd to come out and party. It’s been quite humid and a break in the weather always seems to bring out the crazy and fun; this was no exception. From the time I started playing music I could notice the level of intoxication in the crowd start to rise rapidly. I made sure to play the group dances that are usually requested once the booze is flowing : Wobble, The Git Up, Cupid shuffle etc. Afterwards I took them on a journey starting in the early 200’s then jumping from there to the 70’s-80’s then back to the present. I wanted to mix it up for everyone. The crowd wasn’t specifically young or old, but I could tell that everyone could relate to the music from each generation in their own right. I didn’t have a full dance floor like I wanted, but I did have a lot of dancing with friends or at there table. I had a lot of singing a long, snapping, and head bopping. Looking out into the crowd and seeing this eased my mind, as a DJ you want a packed floor, but once again i’m reminded that as long as there are no complaints you are doing a good job.

Saturday I had to wake up early and head into work for a few hours before traveling northwest to Brandon, SD. Cooking is definitely fun, but I hate having to rush in between jobs. In a perfect world I would like to have my weekends off, but I have a feeling that I don’t live in a perfect world. After my shift I traveled to the Brandon golf course where I would be celebrating with Marty and Katie Fiedler. My duties for the day included the reception of course but the ceremony as well. I set up a speaker outside on the deck of the clubhouse where the guest would be sitting. Their officiant Dan did an awesome job conducting the service,playing the music for the bridal party as they entered and exited the ceremony, and keeping it nice and short on the hot summer day. I was also glad he kept it short because it looked like it could pour at any moment. After the ceremony I started the music for the social hour and reception. The guests were quite fun to interact with, picking on couples to kiss during dinner, singing happy birthday to the grooms grandfather, and having conversations with the different tables while the newlyweds took photos. By the time the dance started I had an idea of what everyone wanted to hear and it was go time. We danced hard for the next few hours, the bride and groom wanted to hear lots of 80’s music their introduction song and first dance were both by Prince so I knew exactly what I needed to play to keep the party rocking. It was an awesome wedding and I was glad to be there to make their day that much more special.

Sunday is usually my day of rest, my day to write my blog and get ready for the upcoming week. This past Sunday was different though, I had a wedding in Arnold’s Park at the newly renovated Rooftop venue on the main strip. Those guys did an amazing job on that building, everything was spacious and accessible for vendors and of course the DJ. Lee and I made our way up to Arnold’s park mid afternoon for the Groeneweg wedding. The time frame was not as long due to the fact that people had to work on Monday, so that meant that when the dance started we had to hit them hard with all the party tracks. We had a great time with the the family and guests, not to mention it was nice to get off early. I’m not saying that we couldn’t go longer but it was nice to be home by midnight, especially since I had to work on Monday morning as well.

  1. Polarize – Bart Skils & Weska
  2. La Farsa – Londonground
  3. What You Doin’ – Arun Verone
  4. Ratchet – Tommy Capretto
  5. BS48 – Eli Brown

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