Scruff’s Top 5 – 2 week recap

I know that it’s been two weeks since my last blog post, but I had to take some time off due to illness. Besides burning the candle on both ends I wound up catching a cold; while being on the road for some shows. I’ve been battling this cold ever since: teas, soup, cold medicine, nothing has worked. It’s just going to take it’s toll and run it’s course, that doesn’t mean that the gigs stop though. Over the past two weeks I’ve had shows in Sioux City, Cherokee, and Omaha. Just because I’m not feeling 100% doesn’t mean a thing, the show must go on. A part of being a professional is learning how to deal with whatever situation comes your way and making the most out of it. I stacked up on vitamins and cold medicine and made my way to each show with the intention of giving my all regardless of how my body felt.

Last week Friday I had my Blackout show at the Riviera, the event went from 10pm-4am and showcased the talents of 5 different acts including myself. From all across the tri state area I had different styles, generations, and experience on the bill. I’m very passionate about DJing, and I know that in order for things to grow and expand you have to introduce; network with others and give the up and coming generation a chance. These are the ideas I hope to express with the blackout shows. the night went off well, we had over 50 people show up and that’s just the beginning. I’m working on a way to make this a long term event that I can pass off to someone when the time is right.

Saturday night I was supposed to play at the 415 with JP Goodebeats, I was looking forward to playing the set I had procured for the night. I made it all the way down to Omaha and got sick, I was already battling a small cold and with the long night before I’m sure it sent my body over the edge. That night I jus stayed in my hotel room, I slept for probably 13 hours. I know needed the rest, but it didn’t help me feel much better in the morning unfortunately.

This past week I had my residency at The Firehouse and a beautiful wedding in Cherokee at the Grainery, both events were quite hard on me since I am still battling this cold but they were also quite fun. Thursday and Friday night I made my way to Sioux City for the shenanigans known as the Firehouse. It’s always fun returning and testing out new and old tracks. I really admire how the trends of music can change so suddenly. I would have never thought in a thousand years that I wouldn’t be playing Yeah! by Usher anymore, that track has been such a hit. Nowadays I find myself playing hits by Gucci Mane, and one of the lil rappers that are out and about. Yet to this day I still get requests for “Back That Azz Up” and “My Neck, My Back”. I will never fully understand it, I just have to keep up with it. Both nights were full of fun and I def look forward to coming back. Hopefully next time I’ll be at 100%

Saturday I made my way to Cherokee, IA for my first wedding at the Grainery Lodge. I was there to celebrate the Union of Mark and Chelsea Stender. This place was beautiful, it was an old barn that was reconstructed into a wedding venue. The decorations were neat and rustic, there were antlers on the wall and a southern styled feel about the place. Mark and Chelsea looked stunning, their wedding party gave some beautiful speeches and the meal was fit for a king. After all of the formalities it was time to party. We had a great time dancing to the classics, the couple had old souls and it showed by their playlist. We sang along to the YMCA, did the cupid shuffle, and slow danced to the sounds of journey. At the end of the night I was given one of the homemade apple pies that were set out for dessert and complimented by many guests for he music selection. Even though I wasn’t feeling the greatest, the energy that the guests had gave me the strength needed to have a successful event.

Now it’s time to get ready for Thanksgiving, get my latest piece of production completed, and of course try my best to get rid of this cold.

  1. About To Drop – Don’t Blink
  2. Supercoil – Funkin Matt
  3. Ouro – Born Dirty
  4. The DBG – Shadow Child
  5. Ooop – DJ Burlak

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