Scruff’s Top 5

Well this post is a day late, i’ve been busy trying to figure out a schedule for success. So many times you hear that people have goals, and no plan to make those goals a reality. I don’t want to be that type of person. I don’t want to have dreams that don’t come to light because I didn’t have the discipline to get from point A to point B. So self reflection is a must, I think over the next few months I should start to see some progress. I want to focus on production and marketing, these are the two areas that I have the least amount of confidence, and in this music industry you have to be able to brand yourself, promote your work, and create some tunes that will keep the dance floor grooving.

This past weekend I had a wedding in Hospers, Iowa. It was a special wedding for me because I knew the groom’s side of the family, and I had worked with the mother of the bride. I felt like I had a lot to prove, the groom’s family wanted me to do another wedding for their family but I was already booked, and some of the people I worked with at my last job were guests at the reception. A lot of those people didn’t think that I could be a full time DJ, didn’t think that it was probable. I proved them wrong that night, not only was the two families satisfied, but they took some cards and promised to pass out business cards. This is super rewarding, knowing that my passion in life is slowly becoming my legacy, my life’s work. I can’t wait till next spring when I can showcase what i’ve been working on all winter, i’m hoping to make a name for myself in different areas and continue to spread the brand of scruff around the midwest. 

  1. 8675309/jenny – Tommy Tutone 
  2. Operator (Ring Ring) [feat. Dances With White Girls] (Will Clarke Remix) – Chris Lake 
  3. I Want You (Forever) (Josh Butler Remix) – Carl Cox
  4. Strobe Light – Solardo 
  5. Be (Klangkuenstler Remix) – Rowetta, Greco (NYC)

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