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Well this past week was exciting, I had my Thursday night residency at TraynRek and I had my show at Bar 415 on Saturday night, that’s on top of keeping up with my weekly radio show. It’s nice to know that my plate is filling up with more DJ responsibilities, it forces me to keep a schedule and tasks for each day. 

Thursday nights at TraynRek are always interesting. You can never accurately guess the kind of night you’re going to have. Numbers fluctuate at the lakes during the off season, sometimes you are super busy, other times you are playing for the bartenders. Thursday was pretty busy, the crowd was digging the throwbacks and booty shakers. I was quite surprised by some of the requests that were being made throughout the night; the requests actually went with what I was playing 80% of the time. I find myself digging deeper into my library for tracks since gaining this residency. I don’t want to get bored because i’m playing the same tracks week after week, so part of my day is spent looking up alternate tracks for my folder. This is definitely pushing me forward, it keeps me honest with my skill set, it makes me hungry.

Saturday Night was pure bliss, nothing but thanks can said to the people of Omaha. The entire night was like a big build up, the crowd just kept on growing. The crowd grew so much there was a line going down the street. I kicked off the night, I was very happy with my track selection. I started off with the deeper sounds of techno and tech house. Gradually I brought in those housier, groovy, tribal and latin vibes to bring the level up a notch; setting the stage for DJ Ron Gotti to take over. Gotti played tech house, electro house, and G-house. He brought the energy that party goers expect between the 11pm-1am hours, taking your body on a workout, and your mind on an adventure. Nothing could have prepared the crowd for Natron88, Nothing! Juke and Footwork are the styles that Natron88 plays, and I don’t know what it is about that beat, but all of a sudden the sexy comes out to play. The man played with the crowd, the response was stellar. All you could see was bodies in motion and sweat pouring. the bass was pumping energy throughout the room and we were all drunk on it. Natron destroyed the dance floor, he was the perfect choice for a headliner.  

  1. Rub Anotha Dub – Green Velvet & Walker & Royce
  2. Be Faithful – Fatman Scoop
  3. Let Me Go – Mark Knight, Ben Remember
  4. Duckworth – Kedrick Lemar 
  5. Virgo (Westend & Steve Darko Remix) – Proxy, Embassy

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