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As I continue on this journey I find myself trying different ways to improve my overall well being. That means practicing habits that make my life easier so that I may focus on music and becoming a better DJ ex: eating healthier, keeping procrastination to a minimum, and staying positive. I remember looking at a video by DJ Konflict, he was explaining how life on the road can take it’s toll on the body. Excessive amounts of drinking, fast foods, and horrible sleep schedules can put a damper on your progress. I felt really encouraged by this. This is my main goal as a DJ right now. I want to play across my state, then work my way to a national level. Learning from guys who have been through what I am trying to accomplish, is one of the best ways to help make this a reality.

Over this past week I had 2 events to prepare for, my weekly residency at TraynRek University and a wedding in Hospers, IA. Both events went over smoothly, I really enjoyed celebrating with Mr. and Mrs. Tiedeman. They were really laid back and very easy to work with, the couple had been dating for over 10 years so for them with was long overdue. Their guests loved the 80’s and we partied to some of the biggest hits of the decade, from Whitney Houston to Cyndi Lauper we kept the jams going all night.

Weddings can sometimes become very repetitive for a DJ, but I try to keep in mind that each event is different. Each couple deserves to get my A -game, they pay for a service that I provide, and I don’t want to cheat them of the experience. Not to mention these couples entrusted me to celebrate with them on a day that they will remember for quite some time. I don’t ever want to get a review that comes back negative because I was being lazy. In my opinion that disrespectful, not only to the couple that hired me; but to the art of DJing.

For the next couple of weeks i’ll be prepping for 2 shows coming up. I’ll be playing with Natron88, Ron Gotti, Mixdup, and JP Goodebeats. We are throwing a Halloween party  on the 28th of oct. I’m super excited to be coming back to the 415. Ever since my first show at the club St. Patrick’s Day Weekend, I’ve been shown nothing but love from the patrons and owners of the 415. It’ll be the second time that i’m on a bill with Natron88 within the last couple months. Mixdup and I have performed together but it’s been years, Ron Gotti and I play together quite often, sometimes as Prjkt Blkout. This is the first time that JP and I will be sharing the stage. This is an opportunity to play with some of the bigger names in the omaha region, this is just another step towards my goals. 

  1. Virgo – Proxy, Embassy
  2. Innocence (Reopened) – Nero 
  3. Summer99 – Tchami, Malaa
  4. Steady Blazin? – Noizu
  5. Who The Hell Are You (Dom Dolla Dub) – Madison Avenue 

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