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It seems that I have skipped a week, I apologize to all who have been reading and keeping up. It’s been a busy past two weeks. After my mini vacation to NYC for thanksgiving, I jumped right back into the saddle with North High School’s Dance Marathon, and Northwestern’s Winter Formal, both on Dec 2nd. This past week I had to prepare for my first show in Iowa City at Gabe’s, a school event in Sioux Center, and finally start my conditioning on becoming a producer and a more organized person.

It was a fun visit to the Big Apple for thanksgiving. I am my mom’s only child, and we don’t get to see each other often. I am grateful for being able to go home and  see my friends, people that grew up with, old neighborhoods and places. Most of all I miss the food. I was so happy that I was able to get some whiting fish and bring it back with me. Needless to say that didn’t last long in my freezer. Another thing I miss is the pizza, I know a lot of people talk about Chicago style pizza, and yes they do make the best deep dish slice. Yet, when you want a slice big enough to fold and walk down the street with New York is the king. I’m not trying to start a debate, i’m just gonna say, until you have tasted the finest pie in America, you haven’t lived. Even though I don’t want to ever move back to NYC, I know there is no place like it in the world. My visits always spark a certain kind of hustle that other fellow New Yorkers feel. I’m ready to conquer the world by the time I leave, if there is one thing that I miss besides family its that New York drive. 

 North High School has been running a charity event in partner with the ST. Luke’s Children’s Miracle Network for the past few years and have asked Lee and I to run the music for the event for the 3rd time. It’s always great to support the youth, help them make an impact for future generations, pushing for  positive awareness for the kids struggling with long tern illnesses. The rules are simple: stand for those who can’t. Dance, play games, and interact with some of the families that are acknowledged for their courage and strength, whatever you do just stand. While we get to spin the tracks for the evening, the real heroes are the children and families  that have survived the premature births, the hospital stays, the long nights of worrying and fighting.

After the Dance Marathon was completed, we packed up and headed for Orange City to the Prairie Winds Event Center to play at Northwestern’s Winter Formal. It has been a privilege to come back to Northwestern year after year and entertain the students. This year was no different than the others, The students packed the house and had a great time. The energy was positive, The crowd was very interactive with the track selection, and it’s always great working with the staff at Prairie Winds. I would say around 300-350 students came out for the formal. At the end of the night one of seniors came and thanked me for playing some awesome parties for his college years, that made my night.

This past week I played my first show at Gabe’s in Iowa City. I was really impressed with the two story venue, it had a very underground atmosphere to it. Pictures of legendary musicians that have passed on hung on the walls, ACDC Pinball in the corner, and artist stickers everywhere. I played the opening set for the night, going into some of my favorite tracks at the moment and setting the atmosphere for a journey through music. The other Dj’s had some great sets as well, I look forward to playing the venue again. The University of Iowa is here and there is always good music being played in big college towns. 

On Saturday I had another school event, this time in Sioux Center. It was time for another winter formal and the kids were dressed to impress. I had done their prom last spring and was called back to host the music for this event as well. The kids had a great time dancing to all of the hits on the radio and quite a few remixes as well. I truly enjoy getting the chance to curate the playlist for an event. It’s a fun challenge to see how long I can keep them going before having to slow the tempo down for a bit, or throwing in classics from well beyond their years. I believe i’ll be doing their prom again, I’ll def have some weapons to throw down. 

My journey as a DJ is one of trial and error, there isn’t a handbook or manual that ensures that you make a million dollars, or that you become the next Calvin Harris. You have to do what works for you, you have to learn from you mistakes, and you have to continue to grow. A part of growth is taking better care of your time, that’s the one thing that you can’t, and will never get back. My conditioning starts with getting up at 5 am every morning. I hate early mornings but I know that the earlier I get up the earlier I can get something accomplished. This doesn’t just mean musically, but house work, meditation, exercise, etc… My goal is to have things mapped out for a full week and stick to it. Everyday focusing on something else, whether that’s production work one day, and music shopping the next, early morning mixing, or laundry. Whatever it is I want to have something productive done before the sun comes out. I know that if I can get a solid week down I can get 2, and if I can get two weeks under my belt, a month isn’t that far away. I have set my bar high but my goals short. I like the feeling of getting things accomplished, and I really enjoy seeing my progress, even if its minuscule. I want to set myself up for continued success, I want to enjoy my life and make new memories. I truly believe that this can happen with more discipline, so discipline is what i’m going to have to get. 

  1. Vibra – Amersy
  2. Monstaz – Camarda & RSIAM
  3. Waterman 2017 (Joe Stone Remix) – Olav Basoski 
  4. Hacia La Noche – Yolanda Be Cool & Massivedrum 
  5. You’re Not Free – Beth Yen 

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