Scruff’s Top 5

Happy New Year to all of you out there in the internet land. This is the first blog of 2018, i’m excited to be starting another year, another chapter in life, a start of a continuation of a musical journey. The past year has been amazing,i’ve had the privilege of traveling to various states to play music with some very talented people. To me that’s mind blowing, I mean I opened up a show for Manic Focus in 2017, played my first music festival, first masquerade, multiple shows in Omaha, Des Moines and Sioux City. The biggest accomplishment for me was taking the step to make DJing my full time job. I am truly a blessed person to be in this situation and opportunity. 2018 isn’t going to be the year that I miraculously become the next biggest thing since the fidget spinner, but it is the year that I do things with intention. Working on production, marketing myself as a brand, becoming the DJ/Business owner that I know I can be. These things take time and work, this is the year that I continue on that path, continue on my journey into becoming a better me. I will fail, I will succeed, I know it won’t come overnight and I know I can do it. This is chapter 2018: The life and times of Donnel aka Dj Scruff, and the journey to greatness. I look forward to meeting new people, experiencing new things, seeing new places, and giving a damn about my well being and happiness. I am so ready for this year, I hope you all are as well.

  1. Bring The Funk Back ( The Cube Guys Remix) – Leandro Da Silva, La Ros
  2. Blazin ( Marc Spence Remix ) – Airwolf, Sophiegrophy
  3. Poppin – Skapes 
  4. It’s Here – Solardo 
  5. Road Trips (VIP) – Kyle Watson

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