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This week was awesome, I had the opportunity to showcase my talents for another bridal show, meet up with a rising hip hop duo, and a winter formal to close off the weekend. 2018 is starting off proper, and we are only a couple days into the new year. I have to admit staying humble can sometimes be a burden, not that I want to showboat or act out of character, but when you have been doing something for a while confidence and arrogance ride a fine line close to each other. I’ve been on the radio for over 2 years now, the DJ company has been gaining more attention over the past few months, we’ve added another guy to the crew, I mean that’s something to be proud of; I just don’t want to get big headed. I know that I was raised to use manners and integrity, as I gain more exposure I want to continue to use those virtues. I don’t know if i’m afraid to lose sight of those things or what, it’s just something that’s been on my mind recently. As I continue to grow and become a better entertainer, and businessman, I hope to gain the knowledge needed to help someone else who might be starting out as an entrepreneur.

Friday night I went down to Sioux City to meet up with D.A.D. (Dope Ass Dudes). These guys have been gaining some exposure in the area due to their lyrics about being parents and the struggles that they face trying to raise kids. We (S&E) want to do a hip hop show with them sometime this summer. As you know Lee is a hip hop artist, and we want to expose some of his talents, so hooking him up with those rising stars would be an awesome opportunity. DAD had a lot of useful information to offer about being older in the scene and how to continue to reach an audience while trends shift. I felt really comfortable talking to those guys, down to earth and ready to perform at any moment, stay connected to find out more about the upcoming collaboration.

Saturday morning Lee and I were in Orange City for their bridal show. We were asked to be their showcase DJ’s and provide all music throughout the event. This is our second year doing this, and I must say I still get nervous each time. It’s not that I don’t know what to play, not only am I providing background tunes, but i’m advertising myself for bookings as well. Juggling the two tasks can be an obstacle at times, talking to couples while keeping the jams rocking, but it’s one that I enjoy. Later that night I traveled to Lake Park for their Winter Formal, this would be my 3rd or 4th year playing this event. The kids had fun, and I got a workout in dancing behind the decks. I truly love my life and enjoy rocking those funky beats, whenever I hit play I honestly feel that this is what I was called to do in my lifetime.

  1. Bang Them Walls – Bad Boy Bill, Gettoblaster, Benjamin Paper
  2. Focked Up – Tim Baresko 
  3. El Agua Clara – Angelo Ruis 
  4. Baro Rhythm (Little Enzo Remix) – Nico Mendez, The Lang Brothers 
  5. Sasha – Pale Reich


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