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This past weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to showcase my talents for the students of Des Moines East public school. The children were being rewarded for their hard work with a dance party, something that I may know a thing or two about. Three different sessions 45 mins a piece, and lots of energized youth ready to boogie. I’m used to doing school events, the typical no foul language and sexual innuendo themed music, no hardcore gangster messages etc. This was different though, all the kids were between kindergarten and the fifth grade. Playing for a crowd that young poses a lil difficulty. Yes rule of thumb for most DJ’s is if the song is on the radio it’s most likely good for schools. My personal opinion is that cuts down the list for most age groups, but when you are that young, digging deeper to make things that much more clean is where the art is. Song selections included: the chicken dance, hokey pokey, happy, and juju. I might not think of myself as a role model or leader when I step up to the decks, but the love that I received from those kids at the end of the day was def an eye opener. Before leaving school grounds I was rushed with hundreds of thank you pictures and cards, some even stated that the kids wanted to become DJ’s and wanted to do what I did. That makes me melt, I love the enthusiasm and ambition that children have.

My other weekly duties were performed before I left for Des Moines. I had Dustin Cleland on the radio show for my guest mix. He is one of the founders of a DJ crew in Des Moines called The Booty Movement. I can say that the name of the crew explains all, these guys wanna keep you moving and grooving on the dance floor. They have a plenty of experience and host an annual event called: Bump & Grub, I look forward to hearing more from those guys. I feel so incredibly blessed by the opportunities that I have received in 2018 thus far. If I can give anyone advice worth listening to it’s this: Stay Hungry, Stay Humble.

  1. Those Nights – Dustycloud
  2. Chemistry (Phlegmatic Dogs Remix) – Rico Tubbs
  3. Unusual Weapon – Scotty Does Know, Warung
  4. Kung Fu Style – Ray Foxx
  5. Turbo – Benson, Hood Rich  

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