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There is nothing else I would rather do in life. Being a DJ is nothing but a rush and a lot of fun, yet there are pros and cons to everything; interacting with other DJ’s, fans, creating music and atmosphere’s are some of the pros. Though every DJ’s experience is different we can all agree on the one con that we can’t control: sleep deprivation. This weekend I had a ball, I got the chance to play music and secure my income with more wedding events. The only thing missing was sleep, it’s not like I didn’t want any, I just wasn’t awarded much due to the schedule. 

Friday I started my weekend off at TraynRek University in Arnold’s Park. It was the winter games celebration up there and the people were out and about ready to dance. The night started to get busy around 1130 and from then on out it was go time. I played a mix of the 90’s and early 2000’s for peak time, I realized by the end of the night I had to up my library with more top 40 originals, not remixes. My demographic in that area would prefer to hear the original version, just means I have to be creative in other ways: cut’s, baby scratching, etc. The night ended and  made it home by 3, this was very crucial since I had to be up at 6 am for Saturday’s festivities.

6 am came way too fast, I even hit the snooze button once, but I had to get up and be in Sioux City by 8. Dustin, Lee and I packed up the van and headed south, we were ready to showcase our talents to the incoming couples and hopefully book some events. After set up and a large cup of coffee, I was wired and ready to get the day started. I was surprised with the Bridal Fair, it was quite intimate considering it was in Sioux City. The were quite a few engaged couples we talked to and seemed interested in what we had to offer, i’m really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. After the bridal show we went to La Juanitas for my weekend fav goat burrito, Dustin and Lee wanted chic fill A so we stopped there as well. I ate lunch and passed out for a nap once getting back to sheldon, I had to travel back up to the lakes area for night two of the winter games celebration.

By the time I made it to TraynRek the place was already packed. I started the night off with some today’s EDM favorites : Galantis, Steve Aoki, and The Swedish House Mafia. From there I worked in some funky tunes and a James Brown Classic, the crowd was digging the eclectic style. By the end of the night I had played a lil bit of everything, from hip hop to pop and reggae, the dance floor stayed full and my job was complete. After packing up and the slow ride home (due to snow), it was about 4 am and I was ready to crash. My sunday was uneventful, I rested and that’s about it.

As I stated before, there is nothing else I would rather do, but if there was a way of getting some more sleep I would surely like it.

  1. Good Old Days – Macklemore
  2. Soul Power – James Brown
  3. Do Re Mi – Blackbear
  4. Go (Rex The Dog Remix) – Moby
  5. Ooh Tune (Danny Howard Remix) – Shadow Child



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