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Balancing the way you promote yourself as a DJ can be quite difficult at times. All of my fellow DJ’s can agree that until you make it to a certain point, cash flow is very scarce in the DJ world. Not only do you have to fight with business owners for fair pay, but you also have your competition. I have been blessed to have many producers and DJ’s in my life that share the same idea as I. We promote each other’s events, and book each other for shows. This is the way it should be done, friendly competition to elevate potential, build fanbase, and the scene for all. This post is going to be what I consider a guide to elevating your  music scene. I am definitely no expert, but I can say that the things that I suggest will help. 

Networking – This is one of the most valuable things I have learned in the music industry. What you know can take you far, who you know can put you in the position to show what you know to others. Most of my shows are in the Omaha area, that’s a trek for me at times but know that I travel because the city has been very good to me. All of my friends in the area are striving to do the same thing that I am and are succeeding in opening up the market for all. The way I stay connected is thru social media, and support. If I can’t make the show personally, I share it as if I were on the bill. This may seem strange, in truth it shows loyalty and commitment to the scene, not just yourself. I won’t make it on every event, but I do know that the people putting on the events work just as hard as I do to gain exposure. If I can help with that exposure I will, their  sound and fanbase might not be the same as mine, yet a successful event ensures that expansion is an opportunity waiting to be seized. Supporting your friends is a must, before any big time artist got their big break, they were small town, bedroom artists, hungry, just needing someone to show some encouragement, remember that when someone asks you to come to their event.

Payout – We have all heard the saying “It takes money, to make money”. This is a very true statement, the more you invest the more likely of success. That doesn’t mean that you won’t take a loss before you make the gain that you want. Putting on events, showcases, exhibits, etc. may cost you hundreds or thousands depending on the scale. Sometimes you make that back, sometimes you don’t. Each experience should be taken as a lesson regardless. In my experience, showing artist appreciation goes a lot further than just a paycheck. An artist is more likely to come and work with you again if you treat them well, even if the show wasn’t a complete success. This entails paying a fair price, taking into consideration of travel, food, lodging, and time can all factor in when someone performs. You will see more stage presence from your artist when they know at the end of the night not only was the contract fulfilled, but they were treated like the most important person in the world. Word of mouth can either ruin or build your journey, make sure you have a positive impact on your scene no matter what it is. 

Community – It doesn’t matter if you play an instrument, paint, promote, service, or spectate. The scene is a scene because of the people. Treat each other like family, you never want to burn bridges. Make all feel welcome, you never know what someone can offer to the table. As humans we all want to feel loved, and in the music scene a lot of times that’s where most feel the love they can’t get anywhere else. Embrace, share, smile, and give all that you can to build. There is strength in numbers, the numbers grow when a good thing is formed. Be that good thing in your community, not only can you change the life of someone else, grow in size, create an environment, but you will feel complete knowing that you spread a little light on the world. 

  1. Jealousy – Disciples 
  2. Shine Good – Garmiani
  3. No Love (Kova Remix) – Volac 
  4. I’m Not Her (Hook – N – Sling Remix) – Clara Mae 
  5. Satisfy – Mercer

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