Scruff’s Top 5

It’s always fun to play tracks that you feel the most comfortable with, it makes the way you control the dance floor that much more fun. Not only could you mess around with the memories from the past, word play, decade, genre etc, but at the end of the day you now have the control and can have fun. The main goal of a DJ is of course the client’s satisfaction, but you have to remember to enjoy what you do. Even though this is a job, it doesn’t necessarily have to feel like one. My event this past weekend definitely felt like a party, the dance floor was packed the whole evening and the atmosphere was amazing.

This week I had DJ Danger on for Sheldon’s Dance Experiment, it’s been a while since he had been on the show and I’ve always enjoyed a little Moomba. I look forward to each episode, it’s become not only a part of my weekly routine; but it’s helping me move forward in my journey.Though, I must say that I need to work harder on my music theory studying, after being sick of a few weeks I haven’t had the motivation. I can’t use that as an excuse, the work must go on. I honestly enjoy the things I have been learning, it’s amazing how simple it is right now. I know things will get a bit difficult later on, i’m up for the challenge. My goal remains the same, I want to start the writing process by the end of this year. Meaning, I would like to have an original in my arsenal. I want to grow in this area because it opens up the market for better shows down the line.

Saturday I was in Alton, IA for their adult prom celebration. After Doing Sheldon’s adult prom I was anxious to see what their’s would be like. The event was held at the local clubhouse, they had a meal to eat, and voting for King and Queen. There were around 120 people attendees for the meal and a few more for the dance. We had a blast, I played all the hits from the 80’s on up with a few classics from the 70’s and 60’s. This was one of those nights where you do no wrong. I played pop, country, rock n roll, and hip hop throughout the night. I’m sure by the end a lot of the couples either relived their prom night, or they got the one they should’ve gotten back in high school. Nothing but smiles, that was all I needed.


  1. Xamena – Danny Howard 
  2. Swagon – Detlef feat. Ossey James
  3. Hard (AC Slater Remix) – Breakage feat. Newman Generals
  4. Ross Mt. Park (Vinculum Remix) – Close Encounters 
  5. Mercury – Franky Rizardo 

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