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Well i’m finally back from my two week excursion, Last week I was in Big Sky for a wedding, this week I was back in Lemars for a wedding. After a week filled with wildlife, and of course good music and food, it was time to come back and be a groomsman and music curator for one of my best friends here in Iowa. On top of that I had my mom in town, talk about a busy weekend.

Monday I had the opportunity to go horseback riding, and white water rafting. The weather was gorgeous, not too cold and the temps were rising quickly as the day went on. The lady and I went on a 2 hour tour of Glacier National Park’s backwoods. We got the chance to see some of Montana’s famous Huckleberry bushes, along with a black bear snacking on them. After the tour wee went on the next adventure of exploring the water. We took a three hour rafting trip spanning over 10 rapids, it was pretty intense for me but I survived.

Tuesday back in the park I went, this time to do a little bit more exploring up close and personal. After 4 hours, countless pictures, and a hike (without bear spray), I finally had the chance of seeing a wild grizzly and her cub frolicking in the distance. Over the course of the vacation I had now seen everything I wanted to see, besides a mountain goat. I was now ready to head back for Drew’s wedding.

Saturday was the big day, Drew was getting married and I had double duty. Although I was one of the groomsmen, I was also the music curator for the evening. I was super pumped because this was also the first time that my mom would see me in action. She flew in from NYC to surprise the groom, and of course make sure her only child was alive and well lol. The evening went by well, there were some reunions, and a whole lot of dancing and jolly. All I can wish the newlyweds is all the best in the world.

  1. Change The World – KC Lights Feat. Nicole Dash Jones 
  2. Revolution ( Deep In Jersey Extended Mix) – Harry Romero 
  3. Pop Dem Bottles (Detlef Remix) – KlangKuenstler 
  4. Got The Flow – Nukid x Lucille Croft 
  5. Dished – Purple Disco Machine 

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