Scruff’s Top 5

This past week has been an exciting yet sleep depriving adventure. I had a mid week show down at the 415 in Omaha, and I played the NWC winter formal. On top of that, I finally uploaded an original mix to Soundcloud. Things are looking up, just have to stay focused and keep on working.

Wednesday Night I made my way down to Omaha to play the second of a 4 part music series called back to school at the 415. On the bill we had Scott Lara, Moeglie, Quibert, and myself. I opened the night with some tech house, I had some new tracks I wanted to test out. The set went well, I recorded it and had it on the radio show; along with a guest mix from DJ Furious. The night went well, Not as many people there as I would have liked, but very intimate. Those that were there grooved with us all night. Scott played some psychedelic trance, Quibert played the same, and Moeglie played some DNB.

Saturday morning I woke up to icy roads and snow falling, I was scheduled to play NWC Winter Formal and it was not looking good. The formal wasn’t to start until 9:00, and it was on campus which was very convenient for the students, but with the weather I decided to leave early. It was an adventure going 40 mph on the highway with blizzard like conditions, after about 40 mins I made it to Orange City. I hung out with an old college friend and his family for the day until sound check at 830. 9pm came and the students started to pour in the room, I hit them hard right away with some hip hop. I knew I was going to have to play a number of Drake tracks, so why not start off the dance with one. throughout the night I transitioned between today’s hits and of course some classics. It was a great winter formal, Northwestern threw down I can’t wait to come back next year.

As many of my friends and family know, I’ve been taking some lessons in music production. My goal is to have an hour’s worth of originals within the next five years. It has taken almost 6 months, but I can finally say I have my own music out there on the inter webs.I can’t thank my mentor @DJCova enough for walking me through the process. Now I have to continue on, this just made me realize that it is possible to obtain my goal. I hope to use this momentum to help me complete another track before the new year.

  1. Warrior Wall – Wheats 
  2. Hornblower – Arnold & Lane 
  3. Say Something – Josh Butler 
  4. Brooklyn – Ostertag, L.E.A.
  5. Breakfast – PENZT feat. Born I Music 

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