Scruff’s Top 5

This past weekend I had two high school events, the radio show, and a little bit of rest and relaxation. Winter is here and the gigs are spreading out a bit, this is the time where I need to kick it into gear and make the best of what i’m learning to bring to the table next season.

Friday I made my way up to Luverne for my first of hopefully many gigs, it was the winter formal for the high school and those kids came to party. I played a lot of throwbacks per request, and some that I had never heard before they were requested. One thing was for certain Mo Bamba was requested at least 20 different times throughout the evening. Now, i’m all about playing the #1 song for high school and college aged listeners, but when that said song causes over 100 students to blare out some obscene language in front of chaperones and your principal; you better believe this song is now banned in all school events. It’s a real bummer too, I know anthems are what make dances so much fun, but in this case trying to keep the balance of good tunes and happy parents has been most difficult.

Saturday night I made my way to Sioux Center for their winter formal. This was the third year the I have done this event for them and I was looking forward to partying the night away. Due to the recent backlash from playing Mo Bamba, that was one the DNP list. Otherwise we had an awesome time celebrating the wintertime. I had a couple of kids that requested more than one Flo Rida song, and Pitbull throughout the night. It’s always cool to see the kids requesting danceable tunes, and not just wanting to hear the latest low frequency track with some catchy lyrics attached to it. The student council that put together the event gave away some pretty cool prizes and gift cards periodically that night, I think the attendees have more fun when there is a chance to win something before Christmas Break.

Sunday was an R&R kind of day, I watched football and played some video games. Having all your work done deserves a little break, now its time to get to working on next week’s radio show and productions.

  1. Freaks – Timmy Trumpet
  2. Early Daze – Andy Rivera 
  3. Give It – Wheats 
  4. Underground Feeling (Luis Martinez Remix) – 2 Tall Keith & Noel Sanger
  5. Way Out – Jiggler 

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