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Hello world, I haven’t forgotten about you lol. It’s been an amazing, and long two weeks. With Christmas Eve being last week Monday, I decided to take a break and just update you all today. It’s good to break away from the interwebs and just spend time with family and friends. In my case it helps me to stay focused on the things that are most important, the things tat you can’t just save on a piece of equipment and view at a later date. Over the past two weeks I have traveled to Arizona, and Chicago. Both visits were quite needed, for two very different reasons but nonetheless they had to be done.

My first trip started off in Arizona, I had to go and see my grandparents. It had been years since I had seen them and now was the time more than ever to go and check up on them. My grandmother is over 80 years strong and you never know how long someone has on this earth, she’s in good health but there are some things that telephone calls won’t allow you to see for yourself. My grandfather unfortunately is battling cancer, has been for the past 5 years. Now I can go on say the obvious f*ck cancer and all that, but that doesn’t change the fact that the only man that has been with my grandmother for over 50 years is sick. The man that has taught me so much about work ethic: working at GM for over 20 years, retiring and buying property, fixing things himself to save for the future, and being a provider in all sense of the word. I had to go and visit, grab as much wisdom from him as I can, let him know that i’m here, that he can call when the pain is bearing down on him, let him know that he is still strong regardless of the physical strain. It was a much needed visit, not only because time is limited but because this is another lesson that I needed to learn. You only have one life and sometimes that life doesn’t end the way you want, so do all you can to be the person you strive to be, do everything you possibly can to feel satisfied on the inside and never worry about what other people think, be the role model that you would look up to, be the unspoken hero. Spend your time wisely, stop and smell the roses because one day the roses won’t be there.

Christmas was fun, I spend it with the GF and her family after making my way back to Iowa. It was quite simple and pleasant, we ate soup and sandwiches, opened presents, and played some Mario Kart. It was awesome to watch two children play video games for the first time ever, needless to say I think they will be asking their parents for some sort of system in the early future. I can say that was my fault 100% and i’m not mad about it lol. While in Arizona I spent a lil bit of money on myself and called it an early birthday/Christmas gift and purchased a Nintendo Switch. I hadn’t bought a system in years due to the rising prices for the entertainment, but this system was not only portable but stationary as well, making it the most practical of the newer generation gaming platforms.

This past weekend I made my way back to the windy city. Now, I could say that this was another Christmas gift to myself, but in all honesty I just wanted to get out of Iowa for a weekend and I really wanted to see Green Velvet play. The real gift was going to see him on his home turf, getting to experience Chicago house music the way it was intended. It was my first time going to the Concord Music Hall, but rest assured it won’t be my last time. The venue was beautiful, spacious, or at least that what I thought until the house was packed with bodies ready groove. I’m not sure who the opening act was but he did his thing, he got the people moving and ready for the party to really start. Solardo took the stage next, and boy was that a treat. I really enjoy a lot of their productions and can say that they are on their way to being some real superstars in the electronic world. They hit you with banger after banger without overstepping the headliner, the sound was crisp and clear, they were creative and took you on a nice lil roller coaster. I really enjoyed their set, I can’t wait to see what productions they will release in 2019. The man of the night needed no introduction, the green mohawk, the countless classics and remixes, when the lights turned green we all knew what time it was. Green velvet lit it up! That was amazing, it was more than I thought it could be, and it was truly inspiring. Had work pays off and when you talk about working hard you definitely put Green Velvet in that category. Reaching that status as a producer/DJ is more than a dream, it’s now a goal. That goal only takes time and dedication, i’m ready for 2019.

  1. News Today – Solardo
  2. It’s Time For The Perculator – Cashmere Cat
  3. Wake Up In The Sky (BPM Supreme Tech House Remix) – Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars & Kodak Black
  4. Nakey – Westend ft. Blak Trash
  5. Okay Obey – MKJAY, Sterium

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