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I was a long and exciting weekend to start off 2019. Kicking things off with three events to get the people moving and grooving, and losing mass amounts of sleep in the process. This is the life that I chose to live and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I believe that dedication and hard work will pay off in the long run, and the journey is just getting started for me. Yes I would love to be traveling the world and rocking the main stage at whatever festival comes to mind, but i’m not ready for all that just yet. I am ready to start that process by playing more shows out of state, and working on productions that I feel labels would want. This will open the door for more gigs and connections in the future, I know that patience and perseverance will get me what I want in the future. 2019 just started the path and I honestly feel that things will only get better from here.

Friday Lee and myself took the stage and helped with the grand opening for Brady’s Pub here in Sheldon. We always look forward to helping out a growing business here in the town that we live in, and it gives us a chance to hit the bar scene together every once and a while. The place filled up as we played some old school jams mixed in with some new school bangers. The crowd was mixed with 20’s 30’s and 40’s so we kept the generations rocking with tracks that each could relate to. A lil Usher, Migos, Salt n Peppa, and even some lil Mama kept things hoppin. Connecting with our audience was definitely worth the sleep we would be lacking before heading to Sioux Center in the Morning for our First Bridal Show of the year.

Saturday Morning came quite early for me, after getting to bed around 2:30 I woke up around 7 to get ready for the Bridal and Fashion show hosted by Sioux Center’s Terrace View Event Center. I was the DJ for the event and Lee was the MC, so we had to be bright eyed for the event. From 10-2 we ran into some brides that already had us booked, and had the opportunity to book a few more weddings as the day progressed. The fashion portion of the event was also pretty cool, with tuxes and gowns that would surely make your spouse happy. It was a great opportunity to play for models going down the runway, just opens my eyes to all the possibilities that can arise from playing music. Later on that evening My lady and I made our way to the KIWA Christmas Party, I can’t believe that I’ve been on the air for over 3 years now. After a nice prime rib dinner, and of course kicking it with the other staff, we made our way south towards Sioux City for my first Saturday event at The Firehouse. The place wasn’t packed like on New Years but I guess you can kind of expect that since everyone just had 4 days of binge partying. Nonetheless I had a great time spinning different tunes and trying out different combinations of mashups and remixes. It’s a forever expanding task to play new music and not get into a routine, this is a part of mixing that I really enjoy. Not only does it keep my ears sharp, but keeps the brain in a creative stance. My drink of choice for the evening was definitely Red Bull, after losing sleep the previous night, Saturday was turning out to be no different. Finally made it home and was able to crash around 3:30.

Usually Sunday’s are my day of rest, but not this week. When I said that 2019 was turning out great, I meant it. Sunday night I was teaming up with DJSF, EZB, and Darkwood for the Git Down at Lime Lounge in Des Moines. I was the headliner for the evening so my set didn’t start until 12:45. This gave me the opportunity to slowly make my way to that area and get some rest before having to hit the stage. I got to the venue around 10:30 and DJSF was already kicking things off with some house tunes. I was super impressed by his set and the fact that he was playing on vinyl without any computer help at all. There is something to be said about rocking vinyl. An art form that I hope to incorporate into my sets some day. EZB and Darkwood brought things up a notch with some heavy bass hitters and hang banging dubs. Those guys are great at their craft and you can see the passion as they press buttons and turn knobs to get the sounds that they want share. I closed the night off with some high energy tech house tunes. I figured that since it was late on a Sunday everyone would need that extra burst of energy to power through to the end. I played tracks by solardo, Green Velvet, and Mason Maynard to name a few. I wish I would have recorded my set, not only to study it so that I can further advance in my mixing, but because I really enjoyed playing it out and wanted to jam to it on the ride home.

Such an amazing weekend for me, full of music and friends. 2019 has started off great and as long as I continue to work hard i’m sure even greater things are in store.

  1. My Life (The Cube Guys Edit) – Rio Dela Duna & Dvit Bousa
  2. Diggin – Nicolo Simonelli
  3. Talk To The Boss – MISHQA
  4. Crush That – Shiba San
  5. Friday – Anti Up

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