Scruff’s Top 5

After another week in January, I can still say that 2019 has been the most positive year that i’ve ever had from the start. I just finished up my month long residency at the Firehouse Bar, and i’m sure i’ll have a few more dates coming up in February as well. The radio show is still being played on two different states on two different continents, and i’m working on my next track. Life is becoming very busy, now if my mother were to express whats going on she’d say “god doesn’t put more on us than we can bare”. So with that being said I guess i’m ready for what is to come, with a little bit of work, I know that it will continue to be good things. 

Saturday night I was down at the Firehouse, the temps were supper cold but the crowd was ready to boogie. I had done a little extra research on some tracks and I was ready to spice things up a little bit. Throughout the night the crowd came and went, but I always had someone on the dance floor vibing to the beat. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to have had my first exclusive residency at a nightclub. I want to say it’s about dang time, but I know that right now is the right time. I want to remain focused and expand on this, while learning form those who are more experienced than I. I can say that after learning the basics in a DAW, learning about the editing process, the remix process, I can now start to use what I have learned to make things my own.

After the production of my first label ready track I wanted to stick to a two track a month schedule. I am a little behind schedule, but I don’t consider that a setback. I’m setting a high goal, trying to reach it and figuring out how to eliminate down time in the process. This is my plan for obtaining that goal. I knew that I would have a hard time achieving two tracks a month, but by the end of the year I know that i’ll be pushing for a bigger goal. With the help of my mentor and support from friends and family, success will be inevitable. Once again, I must stress that I will have to remain focused and diligent with this process. Plan and prepare, figure out the 5 W’s and go with it.  I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes  taking a leap is what you need to grasp what you want to achieve. 

  1. Do it again (Roelbeat & No Hopes Remix) – The Chemical Brothers 
  2. Funky Ass – Rocca 
  3. Sauce All On Me – Coca Vango
  4. Twerk – City Girls ft. Cardi B.
  5. Feel The Vibe – Crazibiza 

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