Scruff’s Top 5

The first month of the new year is now completed, and as I move forward with 2019 I can look back at this last month and reflect on my mistakes and accomplishments. It almost seems repetitive to talk about, but life changes take repetitive actions. I can honestly say that its going to take a lot more time, patience, and persistence to achieve momentum, but once it starts I don’t plan on stopping. My main goal is to get rest, get up earlier and start my day working on my goals; before working on someone else’s. Start my day with some wins.

Within the next month this is what my schedule should look like:

5am – wake up/make my bed

530 – shower and morning stretches completed

6am – Coffee and reading

630 – music production

7am – music research for radio show

730 – music production

8am – work (if scheduled this early ) /check billboard, trends, and other sources for top 40 popular music. (prep for wedding season, proms, and club events)

9am – Breakfast

This isn’t a firm schedule but it is what I hope to model my work routine on, this will help in my quest of not only releasing 2 tracks a month, but holding myself accountable of my time.  

  1. EF2MOZ – Ben Remember 
  2. Breath – Space Food
  3. Tick Tock – Dev Bhandari 
  4. Professional Dancer – Franz Costa 
  5. Mr. DJ (Low Parse Remix) – A-Tonez

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