Scruff’s Top 5

It’s Monday morning and my alarm goes off at 5 and 6. I’m up writing this blog post, tired but knowing that I need to stay very intentional with starting my days off earlier. This is my way of starting with a win, If I write my weekend experiences and growth first thing when I wake up I can check it off of my list. I can feel good about having something accomplished for myself before the sun comes up, before I have to avert my attention to helping someone else’s dreams and goals stay alive. My weekend was spent down at the Firehouse in Sioux City; battling fatigue, and cold weather but  a great time nonetheless.

This weekend my calendar was empty, this is right in the center of our slow period at Stovetop Productions. We will probably start to get busier next month when the weather warms just a bit.  So with the openings I hit up the Firehouse to see if they had an availability. As a DJ I have to play to get paid, and no it’s not just about the money, but I do have bills that I have to attend to. It’s always love when I hit up Sioux City. The crowd was digging the music and the staff always treats me right, I couldn’t ask for anything better from a venue. After playing on Friday night I made it home around 3:30am just to wake up at 7 for work at 8am. Due to some personal misfortune one of the cooks had to take a medical leave and shifts had to be covered, I agreed to a Saturday shift. After work I made my way to Worthington, MN for a meeting regarding a Hip Hop show. This will be one that incorporates the talents of many different artists from all over the Tri-State area, this is the first time S&E will be co hosting a fundraiser in the state of MN. After the meeting and a drive home I finally got a small nap in before having to head back to Sioux City for night #2 at the Firehouse. Saturday was a lot busier than Friday, people piled in trying to escape the cold, and having a good time with beverages and dancing was in order. I stuck with more of the newer tunes this go round. It’s easy to want to reminisce about your own club going experiences, and yes I still play some of the classics. I’ve just been trying to give the next generation their own experiences to look back on with music that they personally can relate to. It’s not easy by any means but the crowd was receptive to the tracks that I played. 

Super tired from back to back late nights and working most of the day on Saturday, I took a day of rest. I did nothing on Sunday except listen to tunes and organize my music folder. I look forward to the upcoming week and I can’t wait to see what a little organization and discipline can do to help me obtain some momentum. 

  1. Bad (Remix) – Wale Ft. Rihanna 
  2. Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored – Ariana Grande
  3. Bust Down Barbiana – Nicki Minaj 
  4. I Love – Joyner Lucas
  5. Obsession – Aventura 

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