Scruff’s Top 5 ( Firehouse, Anzua Wedding, Exhaustion)

This was a long week in the world of music. I had four events this week and each one was great, I lost a lot of sleep and the realization of rest and work balance has come to the front of my thought process. I had fluttering eyes, body aches, and brain clutter; but I made it. Two nights back to back at the Firehouse, two different playlists, two different groups of people. Saturday a bilingual wedding, my second one of the year, and a wonderful experience. All in all I had a great learning experience, a great weekend and i’m stepping in to a new weekend with a different mindset.

Thursday night started off my four day event calendar, this was the real start to change. I made my way down to Sioux City for a fun night at the Firehouse, they have been celebrating Halloween all month and this night was no different. All of the staff wore their favorite costumes and put on their best spooky service with a smile. You had Captain America, Spider-woman, a vampire, and even a jester walking around that night. I kicked things off in a poppy fashion, they had the jukebox rocking the tunes before I started and I figured that I would keep the trend going so that it wasn’t all of a sudden the complete opposite of what was being played right away. throughout the night I played all of the fan favorites from Lizzo, Post Malone and Lady GaGa to DaBaby, Migos, and 2 Chainz. I love playing for the Firehouse, there is always a mixture of young and older so that means I can play not only the newest of new but the classics (or at least what I consider classics) and nobody complains. I finished up there that night around 2 and was on the road about 10 after. When I made it home it was around 3:15 and I made my way to sleep probably by  3:30. I got up for work around 7:45 am and made it in to the kitchen at 8. Only a little over 4 hours of rest and I felt like a Zombie. I don’t drink when I work so there wasn’t any hangover or extra energy drainage from partying the night before, my body just needed more rest.

Friday night after work and my production class with Cova I made my way back to the Firehouse for some Friday shenanigans. Once again I really enjoy coming down and playing for those guys, the clientele was completely different, and this time I was able to go a little harder and a little more experimental. On the playlist included Juvenile, Ludacris, Tyga, Iggy, and Michael Jackson just to name a few. I played a few remixes as well, this is something that I do within my own discretion. Even though there are a lot of open formatted songs being played on the radio, I have come to realize that even in the clubs around here people want the familiar or little change. With that being said playing a few remixes a night is what I really strive for, just to introduce the crowd to the idea of new or change. Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s a completely bomb. I don’t usually judge a track by its first play out, there have been times when I played music that just hadn’t hit the mainstream trend yet. One of these tracks is The Git Up, I saw the videos on Tik Tok and my cousin actually introduced me to the song via Snapchat, so when I first played it out I was expecting a great response. The song hadn’t hit my neck of the woods yet so the reaction was horrible. Look at the song now, I can’t go to the Firehouse without someone asking me to play it at least twice in a night. I had a great time Friday night watching the dance floor and glancing at the pool tables behind me. I packed up and made my way out of there a little after 2 again which means I was in bed after 3 and with a long day ahead of me I passed out.

Saturday my day started at 9am and ended Sunday morning around 2am. I made my way into the kitchen to cook  and afterwards I played for Brianna and Daniel Anzua’s wedding. This was my going to be my greatest challenge for the weekend. Now it wasn’t a challenge because this was my first time playing at a new venue, or the fact that I was running on little sleep, this was my greatest challenge because the Anzua wedding was bilingual. This is my second bilingual wedding of the 2019 wedding season and I must admit I get nervous whenever I have to play music in another language. Brianna looked stunning and Daniel looked sharp, all of their guest had bright smiles on their faces and were ready to party. I had lots of help this evening from the host and hostess Josh and Joni. Like I had stated this was a bilingual wedding and those two were my translators. For most of the evening they took the drivers seat and conducted most of the activities. Danny and Bri enjoyed playing the shoe game, and having guests look for items for a scavenger hunt. I took the reigns right after with the first dances. This is where my nerves started to kick my butt, i’ve rocked crowds to the 80’s 90’s today’s and everything in between tunes. When it comes to traditional banda’s, cumbia’s and latin hits outside of today’s reggaeton artists i’m lost. I started off with group dances like the Cha Cha Slide and wobble, I then slowly transitioned into some spanish music with the Macarena first then Payaso de Rodeo. I got the response that I expected and then some. Instead of clearing the dance floor with the language switch almost everyone stayed and did their best at dancing to whatever was played whether they understood the language or not. After a few songs I got the chance to witness some very traditional activities performed at many Mexican weddings. First Brianna and Danny both stood on chairs and locked fingers making a bridge, and with the support of a few people they had their guests make their way under the bridge all while trying to knock them off the chairs. It was quite crazy for a moment but all in good fun. Next activity was even wilder, the groomsmen took Daniel and started to toss him in the air. They did this a few times, tossing him higher and higher each time to the point where he almost touched the ceiling. It was awesome to see what other cultures do when celebrating the union of man and wife. We partied for a few more hours after that, bouquet toss, garter, and dollar dance were all done. I switched back n forth between styles of music and with the help of guests I was able to not only keep my dance floor full, but I was able to expand my library. The nervousness never subsided, I take my job seriously and I want to make sure that all guests have a good time. I was just happy that I was able to cater to everyone a little bit, I felt really honored to be a part of Bri and Danny’s special day.

After A long weekend it’s time to talk about how my body felt, about the dangers I faced, and what I plan on doing to keep myself from feeling like this. After the first night at the Firehouse I went to work feeling like a  zombie. I was at a point in which I knew I was awake but at the same time I was no where near functional enough to be around sharp and hot objects. After another night at the Firehouse my eyes fluttered more on the road and my body started to ache the next day. When I say ache I mean stiffness throughout my body, I mean joints hurting as I moved, my knees wanting to collapse underneath me, and my body wanting to just shut down. Now I know I got some rest and a small nap on Friday but Saturday after working in the kitchen I showered and left for Brianna and Danny’s wedding. No rest, and when you are in the business of entertaining you push all of that aside and give your 100% because that’s what your clients purchased, and most importantly that’s what they deserve. When you are giving that much energy you need to replenish that energy with healthy eating and lots of rest. I am definitely guilty of not eating right, and as you might have read rest was almost non existent this weekend. This was dangerous, not only because I could have fallen asleep behind the wheel of my car, or seriously hurt myself in the kitchen. It was dangerous because my actions could have gotten someone else hurt or worse. Not only that but I put excess wear and tear on my body when it was unnecessary. Yes, there will be times in which you have to work on little amounts of sleep, but they should not exceed healthy choices. There were times I felt like I was going to pass out. If I would have been the cause of an accident on the road or at work, my guilt for the situation would have been a heavy burden to carry for a long time. In the future I will be making sure that I  have the time that I need to recover from a long night, this is what I plan on doing for a very long time. I have to make sure that I take care of myself, and I am conscience of what harm I could be putting someone else in due to my negligence.

  1. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Freejak Remix) – Abba
  2. Huapango Tribal – DJ Moys
  3. The Funk – Raumakustik, Andrew Meller
  4. Creeping – Gene Farris , Dakar, Tough Love
  5. Divided Souls – Diddy, Wax Motif

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