Scruff’s Top 5 (Firehouse, Luverne Middle School, Broersma Wedding)

This week I continued my residency at the Firehouse, entertained the up and coming generation with some tunes in Luverne, and had the honor of playing for Kate and Darren on their special day. It’s crazy to think that this time last year the only events that I really had was the occasional school event or bar. I can say that I’ll probably be quite busy right up to the end of the year. With each upcoming event I look forward to the challenges of keeping up with the music and keeping the bodies on the dance floor. This week was no different, it had it’s challenges, rewards, and lessons as usual.

Thursday night is birthday night at the Firehouse, as I continue my weekly residency there I have come to notice the trend in music that most people want to listen to. Every once and a while you get the occasional random request but for the most part it’s business as usual. I play the top 100 tracks on billboard throwing in a few remixes to test out  and keep things rather upbeat for the most part. This Thursday I had a few more twerking, booty shaking requests made, not an issue with most of today’s artists focusing their #1 hits on club movement. I play some tracks by Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, Tory Lanez, and some old school T-pain to quench the appetite. Other tracks played that night included : Ariana Grande, Lizzo, and some Snoop Dogg. I always have fun playing at the Firehouse, I get introduced to many new tracks and artists while also making connections that might lead to weddings and other private events.

Friday I made my way to Luverne, Mn for a middle school dance. Now usually I don’t enjoy doing dances for that young of an age, not because they don’t deserve the best entrainment that they can get, but because of the amount of slow dances you have to play lol. I know what it’s like being a pre teen finally getting the chance to have a party at school, a slow dance with a pretty girl, and hanging out with your friends. As a DJ it does draw out the event a little bit, but you play and smile regardless because the kids are having fun. This dance was no different, except for the fact that I had to deny the kids half of the music they were asking for because it wasn’t appropriate for school grounds. I understand the times have changed and I usually don’t have a problem playing tracks that are heard on the radio, but if a song is suggesting lots of sexual behavior, or drug usage I have to draw a line. Not because the administration would have a problem, or the fact that half the song can’t be heard in the clean edits, but because the music is influential. My job is to use the influences of music to dictate the mood of the dance floor. I can’t have a clean conscience knowing that what I played could potentially lead kids to doing mischievous things. Now I would hope that the kids asked for these songs just because of airtime and because the artist is popular, not because they readily identify with the lyrics per say. I just can’t support it in a school setting, especially at that young of an age. Besides the music request the kids had a great time, I played a lot of group dances and kept the party going with all genres of music. I had some requests for Rock, old school country, pop and of course snowball dances. I must have had to play at least 3 slow dances within the first hour.  At the end of the night the kids wanted me to play some more, and the staff said they would be delighted to have me return. This is what I call a successful evening.

Saturday I made my way to Prairie Winds for my first wedding of the season there. I feel like it was a tad bit late, but it’s always good to work with the staff in Orange City. The wedding was for Kate and Darren Broersma. The lovely couple and their families had a night of fun and games planned, and I was there to help it all come to light. The evening started off with uncle Mark introducing the wedding party, he had a lot of fun joking on each member and keeping things nice and light.  Kate and Darren dismissing tables for dinner, they wanted to serve their guest since they all came out to support them in their union. After all the tables were dismissed and the the newlyweds finally got the chance to sit and eat uncle Mark hosted everyone in a game of Family Feud. It was fun watching everyone guess on information about the couple and where they are from. After some great speeches and photos, we got down to the special dances and open floor. I started things off country, after gathering some information from the bridal party I knew that would be the perfect way to kick things off. I played a lot of the 90’s country hits by artists such as:  Alan Jackson, Josh Turner, Big and Rich, and of course Garth Brooks. The hits didn’t stop there though, a lot of the hot wedding tracks were played as well. I had to get in the Cupid Shuffle,Wobble, Y.M.C.A., Shout and Mony Mony. I had a great time partying with these guys, it took a while for the dance to really get hyped but once it did there was no turning back.

  1. Crab Rave – Noisestorm
  2. Espan – Carlos Sanchez, DJ Ray
  3. House Way – Remniqe
  4. Rock ‘N Roll – Bali Bandits
  5. Rock It – Teig

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