Scruff’s Top 5 (Groenweg wedding, Follow up with Celina Vasquez, The Firehouse)

This past weekend I had just the second wedding of he 2020 season. Getting back into the swing of things early this year, after last week’s recap of the bridal shows and our first wedding of 2020 I am excited to be behind the decks after a break. I am excited to see what this year brings.

On Friday night I made my way to the Firehouse in Sioux City for my weekly residency. The bar next door was having a show and I was ready to make sure that all who came in those doors stayed. Not that I have a problem with bar hopping, I just wanted to make sure that the bartenders made some money in tips, and I could keep the patrons dancing long enough to forget about anywhere else. I started the night off with some 80’s funk, there is a couple that always comes out and dances; the young lady asked for some Marvin and I just felt super inclined to start the night off with her track. This snowballed into a few more 80’s hits, some by Michael Jackson, Joan Jett, and some Lionel Richie. I made my way through the decades as the night progressed and the clientele started to get younger in age. By the end of the night I made to the current hits and some racks that I’d thought I would try out on the crowd. After doing a lil research I wanted to test out some New Orleans tracks by Big Freedia. This isn’t an artist that is too known in the area, but can definitely make the crowd bounce. The crowd was receptive, but I think I’ll play it out a few more times before making a decision on whether it’s a hit or not.

On Saturday Lee and I made our way to the Eagle’s club & lodge in Sheldon for the celebration of Brian and Michelle’s union as husband and wife. It’s always great to hit up a wedding with Lee, we get the chance to make things run a little smoother and when the dancing starts we get to feed ideas off each other. With that being said I cued up the music and Lee grabbed the mic and we introduced the lovely couple and their bridal party which consisted of her newly step sons and other close family members. You could tell that both Brian and Michelle were relieved to finally be united as one, it was a long time coming and the joy on their face’s completed the puzzle. After some heart filled speeches we got the dance started, the bride and groom were a little older so the 90’s was the way to go, we played some Alanis Morissette, OMC, Sheryl Crow, and Wreckx and Effect. Now tat doesn’t mean that we didn’t play the Biebs, or wobble, it just means that we kept it within the spectrum the bride and grooms era of music for most of the night. We really enjoyed the guests, their requests, and of course celebrating with Brian and Michelle.

On Sunday I made my way down to Des Moines, I made some appointments to meet up with potential clients and start the journey on expansion. While in Des Moines I also met up with Celina Vasquez the owner and coordinator of the Your Wedding Iowa Bridal show. After having the follow up meeting I can truly say that she really cares not only about her vendors, but making sure that Des Moines couples experience the best that they can on their special day. I was able to give her some of our company’s history, let her know that we are here to take the entertainment portion of the reception to another level. What shocked me the most was all the wisdom she imparted on me to help with the transition. Things happen for a reason and it all just lined up perfectly, from Lee and I wanting to expand, meeting Holleen of Joy Anthology ( who made the introduction to Celina), to becoming a vendor, and now the follow up. The closer it gets the more comfortable I feel about the big move. I can’t wait to see what is to come.

    1. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
    2. Promise – Illyus & Barrientos
    3. What’s Up – 4 Non Blondes
    4. Rent -Big Freedia
    5. Milk It (Keljet Remix) – Rony Rex ft Carla Monroe

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