Scruff’s Top 5 ( Halloween at The Firehouse, Sioux Center Private Party, Computer Issues)

This past week was a lot of fun in the lad of music, it was Halloween and that meant spooky fun! I started my musical weekend on Thursday at the Firehouse, I had obtained my costume for the festivities and I was ready to get down. I dressed up as the Dark Voyager from Fortnite, this allowed me to hide my face until I wanted to been seen. Some people knew what I was going for and others didn’t, I was just glad I was able to interact with those who were curious. I blended right in with most of the patrons that night. I saw lots of different characters: Mario, Luigi, Poison Ivy, Swat officers and Disney characters just to name a few. With all the crowd participation it made for the perfect atmosphere for a good time, drinks were flowing and people were ready to get down on the dance floor. It didn’t matter what I played that night, everything was a hit. Grabbing from different eras and genres was the name of the game. I played some Michael Jackson, Prince and Whitney as well as DaBaby, Migos, and Lizzo. I had to do some of the Halloween classics like thriller and the monster mash, I know that might seem corny but everyone knows them and it’s one of those silly traditions that I as a DJ play every year. I made sure to do a lot of group dances like the wobble and cupid shuffle, just so that the people judging the costumes could get a good look. I must say I had a great time, there wasn’t any drama and people were there to have fun.

Friday I made my way to Sioux Center for a private Halloween party. I recycled my look from the night before and dressed as the Dark Voyager. I had to help create the mood for the night when I arrived so I brought my uplights and set them on a bright red to compliment the spooky decorations. There was also some hollowed out tree decorations that we put lights in to make them come alive, it looked awesome when it was all said and done. Tonight the costumes were a little more planned out couple wise, some of the attires included: Joker and Harley Quinn, The Incredibles, Salt and Pepper, and The Greatest Showman’s Ring Master and Muscle Man. My demographic for the night was from 21-40 so I stuck to the hits from the late 90’s to today. I had to play Push It by Salt n Peppa for the Salt and Peppa, and of course The Greatest Show for the ring master and her acting partner. Other hits that were played included: Barbie Girl, Yeah!, Get Low by lil Jon and Low by Flo Rida. It was a great crowd and those who attended didn’t want it to end, I was glad to be a part of the fun and keep the crowd grooving.

Saturday I had the night off but Sunday was were my nightmare begin. I had been having issues with my computer and it crashing suddenly all the time. On top of that my internal speakers weren’t working correctly, It was becoming quite a nuisance, so I called up Apple and I started the long process of fixing my laptop. It took around 3-4 hours for everything to get fixed, apparently I had some corrupt files in my operating system and it was causing everything to malfunction. They had me format and erase my whole hard drive and start if from scratch. I had a back up which wasn’t an issue, the issue lies in the fact that my back up didn’t back up everything. I lost quite a bit of information and some important files when it was all said and done. Good thing I had some stuff located elsewhere to recover what I needed. This could have all been avoided if I would have purchased my laptop earlier this year. I had saved up the money and when the time came I spent that money on lowering some bills and getting out of debt. This was a smart decision at the time, but now I have a computer that’s becoming more of a liability than it should be. I’ll have to go back to the drawing board and save up for another laptop, this time when I reach that magical number I’ll use it on what I saved it for and nothing else. I’m glad I got everything resolved and are back and running at 100%, it just makes me nervous since my computer is getting old. Parts are becoming harder to find and next time a simple format might not do the trick. Who said this being an adult thing was easy!

  1. Bassface (Dillon Nathaniel Remix) – Destructo
  2. Flip The Beat (Sinden Remix) – Sinden
  3. Find A New Direction – Dustycloud
  4. Get Whipped – Boris Roodbwoy, Andrew Rai
  5. Bappi – Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers

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