Scruff’s Top 5 – Homecoming Edition: MOC/NWC

This weekend was the start of the school season, weddings are still going strong, we just added a few school functions in the mix as well. Both of the homecomings were eye opening, I sometimes forget where I am at times. I was thrown off a bit but I can say both events went well and now it’s time to get ready for next week’s activities.

Friday night Lee and I made our way to Orange City for MOC’s homecoming, it was night one of two in Orange city for me this weekend. The boys football team were in a battle when we arrived, they were playing the Sheldon Orabs and even though that was a little conflicting for us since we live in Sheldon we wanted the Dutchmen to win. Usually when the homecoming team wins we have a better night, we don’t have to try and get their minds off of a lose just help them celebrate. Unfortunately the Dutchmen lost, but the students came piling in ready to dance. We started the dance off with some classics like the cha cha slide and wobble, afterwards we tried to hit them with some newer music. We quickly realized that newer tracks weren’t doing it for this crowd. Now some of the newer songs worked like: Truth Hurts, The Git down, and Hot Girl Summer, but anything else in the newer hip hop selection didn’t. This just brought me back to the realization that my location still has a lot to do with song selection in the schools. If I was down in Sioux City most of the tracks I wanted to try would have worked and that’s only 30 mins south from where I was at. Things like that just make you adapt to your surroundings and try something else. I had to resort to early 2000’s and some pop hits to keep the crowd alive. That’s one of the reasons why I was glad to tag team the event with Lee, we were able to bounce ideas off each other until we got in a rhythm of tunes that worked. At the end of the night we had quite a few kids left and I felt exhausted, it’s been a while since i’ve felt like i’ve had to really think about the songs I played. It was awesome to be put in an uncomfortable situation for a change, something to keep me on my toes.

Saturday I made my way back to Orange City, for Northwestern’s Homecoming. It’s always great to back on NWC campus, takes me back to the years when I was a student and I feel like it’s great to give back to that community. Sound check was at 9:30 and that was a perfect time to play out my latest track on a larger system than my studio monitors. Around 10 the students started to fill the large tent on the campus green warming up the air a bit. Due to the fact I had stick to older songs at MOC’s homecoming I decided to start everything off there. I was able to play a mixture of tracks for the 2 hour dance, switching things up genre wise and timeline wise. I can say that I really enjoy the freedom of curating a playlist, even though that has more of a risk it’s worth the reward when you can rock the crowd. Some of my favorites of the night was: Everytime We Touch, Turn Down For What, and Suge. For the college crowd I was able to throw in some remixes and see how they played, once again the area I was in showed me that they weren’t into the remixes as much as the originals, but at least I know. I try to expose these guys to new materials, sometimes it just takes longer to receive it. I had fun overall playing, for two hours it felt like I was a student on campus again. Now it’s time to prep for next week’s adventures and work on some new music.

  1. New Jack City – Gene Farris
  2. Wanna See You – Sidepiece
  3. Movin – Jauz
  4. Nightcap – Glass Petals
  5. Stand Up – Fex

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