Scruff’s Top 5 – Karaoke/Hickman wedding/Firehouse x2

This week was one of new experiences, self reflection, and humility. It’s great when you open up a potential new avenue of revenue, testing it out might be a little nerve wrecking but when it all comes together the possibilities are endless. Looking in the mirror knowing that you have work to do to stay relevant is a hard pill to swallow, after you see the reflection what you decide to do from that point on is when the real journey begins. Playing at a certain location multiple times can be quite humbling, and yet at the same time empowering. When this starts to happen you tend to look at the original big picture, this is when the magical sparks start to fly.

Thursday night I hosted the first S&E Karaoke night at The Lounge here in sheldon. The event was put on by the Young Professionals group of Sheldon, the organization is trying to fit in activities that appeal to adults between the ages20-40, trying to keep the town of sheldon thriving. The Lounge which is in the same building as Cook’s Cafe and Langer’s Bar and Grill donated the space to help bring the vision to life. Being that this was the first ever karaoke event I had to host I can admit that I was a little nervous. After setting up and testing things out, I was quite hopeful that we would have lots of fun and that this wouldn’t be the last time that we would be hosting the event. The event started at 7 and right at the beginning we had a crowd gathering to sing and create a fun loving atmosphere or drinks and vocal folly. I was quite happy with this because that meant I wouldn’t have to sing many songs to keep things rolling. I did kick the night off with my own rendition of The Backstreet Boy’s classic I want it that way. Needless to say I was glad that was the only song you hear coming from lips that evening. I enjoy singing along to music, but putting a mic in my hand is very different. I have one of those solo voices, so low that only I can hear it; in the shower. Throughout the course of the night we had up to 25 people engaged in their favorites songs, ranging from classic country to 80’s rap and some rock and roll. Whatever the track, you could tell that everyone was having fun. We only had a 2 hour slot for the first event, just in case no one had come out to party. I’m positive that this won’t be the last time we do karaoke for the Young Professionals, I also think that we will be adding this to our wedding packages in the fur as well.

After leaving The Lounge I made my way down to the Firehouse in Sioux City. The manager at the bar had been trying to get me to play on their Thirsty Thursday night for  awhile now. Since I took the night off of work for karaoke I was able to make it happen this week, I was excited to see how different the night was going to be compared to the weekends. Now usually when I play at the Firehouse it’s top 40’s open format style of play. This night was different though, I had people come out to the bar just because they knew I was playing and they wanted to hear house music. So for the first time in a long time I was able to play house hits for at least 80% of the night. I had the occasional request for the songs like The Git Up and the Cupid Shuffle so I had to switch things up for a little bit, but for the most part it was house all night long. House music is definitely my passion genre and I would love to play out some more, after listening to my set I realized that I needed to work on my house mixing. Yes, I have a radio show in which I only play electronic music but that’s different than playing a house  set at a bar or club. It’s time to hit the drawing board and work on the performance side of my craft. Once I get back to the level I need to be at I want to try and introduce a house themed night for the Firehouse. The owner is quite open to many different ideas and hopefully this is something that he would be on board with. It’s quite humbling knowing that people came out just because they knew I was playing, it does stroke the ego just bit, but it also motivates me to be a better artist. I can’t expect people to follow me, or come out to my shows if i’m not bringing the best sounds to ever hit their eardrums. It’s time to grow and that just means more discipline, consistency, and practice. By spring I want to be able to look back at this post and know from my heart that I have done what it takes to play better, not just for the fans of the music, but most importantly for myself and the music culture.

Friday I had the Vander Plaats/Hickman wedding in Sioux Center at the Terrace View Event Center. Walking in the building you felt the magic in the air. The design and decorations were straight out of a fairytale. The lobby had the photo shoot cozy feel with candles lit and a comfy couch in front of a backdrop of white balloons. A fountain of punch and pictures of Kari and Forrestal hanging on the wall. The main banquet room was spectacular, a back drop of low emitting lights setting the mood for an intimate meal, the head table set on a platform with a love seat for the newlyweds with a sign hanging above with their initials. Outside chairs set up for the wedding ceremony, it was really breathtaking. We started the night off in a non traditional way, we had dinner before making our way outside for the ceremony. Blue mountain catered the meal and that was very delicious, we had classic styled sodas to enjoy during the ceremony, and a full cake and doughnut bar for our dessert. After Some beautiful speeches by the maid of honor and best man we continued the evening with the special dances accompanied by slideshows with pictures highlighting both Kari and Forrestal individually, as well as together starting a new chapter in their lives. We danced the night away to hits from the all across the board. It was truly an honor to be a part of their special day, Kari was dressed in an elegant dress, Forrestal was decked out in a navy blue suit which accompanied his wife perfectly.

Saturday night I made my way back to the Firehouse for an evening of shenanigans. The place was packed and I hit them hard right out the gate. We connected with tracks from the 90’s such as Shoop, U can Do it, Fantastic Voayage, and Ghetto Superstar. I played some of the classics from the 2000’s such as Yeah, Candy shop, Get Low, and Naughty Boy. The 2010’s are a little harder to dance to but I got them going with the Git Down, Cupid Shuffle, Wobble, and of course hits from guys like Tyga, DaBaby, and Megan Thee Stallion. Sometimes I have to remember the songs that I play definitely affect the mood of the evening, I noticed the crowd getting a little rowdy when I played tracks such as Whoop that Trick, and Rep Yo City. At the same time when I had a request for some old school rock and roll things calmed down as I played Thunderstruck by ACDC. The remote was in my hand and I controlled the volume, overall we had a great time partying. The bar was full, the staff was happy, and the vibes were good. I call that a successful evening and the end to another week in music. Now all I have to do is record my radio show and get prepared for the next week.

  1. Gold Digger (Richastic Remix) – Kanye West ft. Ray Charles
  2. Brighter Days (Odd Mob Remix) – Cajmere Ft. Dajae
  3. Mint Tea – Jack Moure
  4. House Phone – Zookeper
  5. Rhythm In My Brain – Mason

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