Scruff’s Top 5 – Klaahsen Wedding/Luverne Homecoming/Klein Wedding

well I know it seems like I am a week late with my posts, but sometimes you have to take some time off to get your mind right. Last week I was really struggling, not only with staying focused on my tasks at hand but also my creative state. It happens to everyone and sometimes pushing through is the way to go, sometimes you have to step away for a few days to regain perspective of the big picture. I took the latter approach. I wanted some time to just sit, breathe, push doubts to the side and be prepared to do the scary thing that most people are afraid to do… Succeed. Now i’m back and going to recap last week’s adventure and this past weekend’s as well.

October 5th Lee and I made our way to Calico Skies, a winery that is located in the hills between Inwood, IA and Canton, SD. It was my first wedding at the venue, Lee had been there a few times before but I was excited to see the space and meet the staff. We arrived ready to set up for the reception and the ceremony  which was supposed to be conducted outside. The weather did not permit that so we made sure the space inside was ready for all of the nights activities. We had up lights set around the room in a nice dark purple color matching the color scheme of the bridal party. After a nice ceremony and social hour we introduced Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Kristen Klaahsen to their guest and enjoyed a wonderful meal before proceeding with the dance. The bridal and groom were a little older so we had a night filled with 80’s and 90’s hits. It was a small intimate wedding and we enjoyed being a part of Jerry and Kristen’s special day.

This past Friday Lee and I made our way to Luverne High School for their homecoming dance. I had been there the prior year for their winter formal and it was a blast, I was looking forward to trying out some new tunes and taking requests from the kids. It’s one of my ways of keeping current with the trends, now this doesn’t mean that I necessarily play the track that they requested; I do have to keep the music clean and appropriate for school grounds. The dance started around 9 and we had a great time playing some crowd favorites and a whole bunch of “new new’ for the students. We were definitely surprised by some of the requests. It amazes me how some songs disappear and others seem to thrive even after 10+ years. One thing that I did notice is the amount of songs that have little dances to them. I joined Tik Tok a while back and I can say that the video influences are trending. Most of the students wanted to hear songs just to do the mini dances that went along with them. Just goes to sow that kids are still kids and some things will never change. I remember doing the same thing with myspace, MTV, and early internet tracks.

Saturday I made my way back to Calico Skies for the Klein/Olson wedding. The bride is a long time friend of Lee and I’s. Lee used to teach her son Jaylen hip hop while instructing at Robin’s School of Dance in Sioux Center, and I have had a numerous amount of gigs in which Melissa and Jaylen have attended. I was ecstatic when I found out that she was getting married and she wanted our company to be the ones to facilitate the evenings activities. Once again there was bad weather and all activities that were planned for outside were now cancelled. That didn’t stop the party from commencing, we danced all night to a wide range of music, from country to 90’s R&B, pop, to hip hop and everything in between. Despite the cold snowy weather outside  the dance floor was heating up inside. There were guests performing the worm, and kids working their favorite 80’s break dance moves into the wee hours of the night. We partied until about midnight and that’s a long time considering how long of a day it is for he bridal party. It was truly an honor to be there for Melissa and Billy, I wish those two and all of our wedding couples nothing but the best.

  1. Get Ur Freak On – Nader Razdar
  2. Glitches (Yvvan Back Remix) – Croatia Squad
  3. Mr. Molly – James Curd, Nah Man
  4. Inside My Head – Gene Farris, Will Clarke
  5. Tokyo Bill – Born Dirty, Bellecour

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