Scruff’s Top 5 Labor Day Weekend – Eagles Club/Rudy Wedding/ Car Show/Firehouse/Family Time

It was a busy three day weekend for me in the music world. Not only did I have my day job, but every night I had a different event that kept me on my toes, with lots of loss sleep in the process. Though it was hectic I made it, another weekend in the books and more memories made. It doesn’t ever get old, well maybe the windshield time, but each time I plug in I still get shivers and butterflies. Confirmation of success comes in many ways; smiles and dancing is how I get mine. This weekend there was both smiles and a packed dance floor, a double double in my book.

Friday started off with me posting my weekly radio show on Soundcloud, sharing it on all my social media pages. I can’t expect people to hear my music unless I post it, this is a tedious task sometimes but in the long run its one of my most effective ways to share my passion with my friends and fans. That afternoon I had my weekly class, advancing my techniques and skills as a producer. I will say that this is one of my biggest challenges, I am learning sounds and feelings in music. narrating the emotions of a song, it’s to easy by any means. I know that things don’t come overnight so that’s why I’m working at it, but this it tough, it’s something new and it doesn’t just come easy to me. In time I will be proficient and I will be a master at my craft, this is just part of the process. That night I set up for an evening at the local Eagles Club. It’s the start of Labor Day Weekend and no better way to get things started than with some music and drinks. I played some old school rock and roll, 80’s and 70’s hits for the patrons at the club. The demographic is a little older so sticking around those specific eras was more of a common sense thing.

Saturday Morning Lee and I left Sheldon to head towards the Tiburon Golf Course in Omaha, Nebraska  for The Rudy/Han Wedding. This was our first time at this specific venue so we made sure to leave super early, especially since we knew that there was some construction on our only way into town. The venue was laid out pretty sweet, a long head table with family style seating for the rest of the guest; with a picture of the lovely couple on each table. Our set up was spread out with one speaker on each side of the head table along side a stand with lights. The photo booth was on the other side of the room, which played out quite well, Lee was able to send signals discretely indicating if sound needed to be adjusted. Dinner was plated so there was also a vendor’s table where we had the chance to sit and eat with the photographer and her team for the evening. It was great to meet other professionals in our field and actually get a chance to sit and chat with them over a meal. Speaking of the meal, we had a stuffed chicken breast with tomato basil filling, roasted potato cubes, dinner salad, roll, and an 8 oz steak. A ton of food but very delicious, the meal was catered in house, shout out to the chef on that team for making everything superb. After the meal and some beautiful speeches I kicked the dance off with some of the bride and groom’s favorite tracks. They sent us a list of tunes that included a lot of 90’s boy band hits, and early 2000’s dance floor bangers. I can say that I hit the jackpot, this was the era in which I was just starting college and becoming my own independent adult, so I was quite familiar and ready to jam. The dance floor was full all night, people rotated from the photo booth, to the bar, and back to the dance floor. We ended the night with Billy Joel’s Piano man and prepared ourselves for the long journey home.

Sunday/Monday we were in charge of the tunes for Sheldon’s Annual Car Show. Sunday was the car cruise and that took place on old Highway 18, the main road that goes through the town of Sheldon. Monday the festivities took place on the lawn of the high school. Since we in charge of both days Lee did the music spinning on Sunday, and I took over on Monday. This gave me the opportunity to head down to the Firehouse Sunday night for a little fun. Surprisingly there wasn’t as many people there as I had thought. I figured since Labor Day was the last official Holiday of the summer people would be out and about. Don’t get me wrong there were people out, I just envisioned a huge turnout. Nonetheless I had a great time down in Sioux City, the set I played was quite different than normal. Instead of hitting them with all the top 40’s on the radio, I played more of an open format set. I hit them with lots of remixes, twerk, moombahton, and even some trap styled tracks. There were many latino patrons out that asked for some spanish music, so I played more cumbias, merengue, and spanish influenced tracks as well. A very eclectic playlist and it was quite appreciated. At the end of the night I was complimented by the bartenders, they enjoyed the fact that I had played something out of the normal. In the future I think i’ll ask if I can turn the Sunday Nights into a more Sunday Funday open format kind of event. This will give me a chance to play some B-sides and more electronic tunes to the masses. Maybe open the minds and ears of Sioux City, giving me the opportunity to re-establish their house and electronic scene.

Monday I played for the car show at the high school, there was over a hundred cars and lots of people out to look at the classics. The playlist was geared towards the 50’s-60’s hot rod era (upon request of the coordinators).  This is what the original soundtrack for the scene so that was understandable. I knew it was going to be a long day so I invited my cousin from the twin cities to come down and join me. It had been a couple of months since I had seen him, and no better time than to check out some cars and catch up. After awards were given at the car show and I was all packed up, we went to a buddy’s house and grilled some food. This made for a full day and the close to a long weekend. Four days of music and memories, just how I like it.

  1. 7empest – Tool
  2. Loco Contigo (Cedric Gervais Remix) – DJ Snake ft J Balvin & Tyga
  3. Do Re Mi (Tarro Remix) – Blackbear
  4. Put Your Phone Down (Low) – Jack Back
  5. East – Teenage Mutants

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