Scruff’s Top 5 – Poppema Wedding/ Janssen Wedding

This past week was awesome, two more weddings in the books for the season. The 2019 season is almost over but that doesn’t mean the work stops. Over the weekend I had the chance to see the end of an era and the start of a new chapter. I Traveled to a new location and made some connections with new vendors, this journey never ceases to amaze me. 10 years down and years more to come, i’m still learning, growing, curating my craft as an entertainer.

Friday night I made my way to the Sheldon Crossroads Pavillion for the Hoekstra/Poppema wedding. Now, before I continue on the night’s activities I must bring up that I had already done a combined 5 weddings between the two families. For the Hoekstra’s I had celebrated all four of their boys tying the knot, and with the Poppema family I had did the groom’s dad’s wedding a few summers ago. So this night was truly a special one for me. I knew 90% of all the guests and after all this time it felt more like a family reunion instead of a wedding, and I was the distant cousin that came to bring the party to life. Kenli is Ken and Robbi Hoekstra’s final child, the baby of them all and the only girl. She wore her grandmother’s wedding dress, a 60 year old heirloom, brothers in her wedding party, parents married for over 20 years, her roots run deep of love. Dalton a man of ambition and strong parents for role models. A man that had to impress a father and four brothers to get to this point. Growing from just a childhood friend, to boyfriend, fiancé, and now a husband. You can tell he has the will to overcome any obstacle, these two were made to be together and it shows.

The host and hostess Steve and Vonda took the reigns for the evening: dismissing tables for the meal, playing the shoe game, scavenger hunt, and being the master of ceremonies. It was different for me to sit in the backseat and just wait for the dance to get started. I did take some notes and watch how they interacted with the guests, there is always room for improvement and if something worked I wanna incorporate it. After the games, speeches, and special dances it was time for me to go to work. I played everything from the 80’s to today’s hits, doing my best to reach each generation and genre in the process. We had a great dancing and singing, but the real honor was watch the final chapter unfold. This was my last Hoekstra/Poppema wedding, no more kids to watch do their first dances for at least another 20 years, no more daddy daughter, mother son, it was surreal. Joy fills my heart knowing that I had the chance to celebrate with the two families, this is something money could never buy, this is one of the reasons why I do what I do.

Saturday night I made my way to Gilmore City, IA. 20 miles south of Pocahontas to celebrate with Behrendsen and Janssen family on the union of Brittany and Colten. I was really worried about the settings of the reception, it had been raining off and on the whole day and the reception was to be held in a 100 by 40 ft. tent. Upon arrival I was put to ease when everything in the tent especially the ground was dry. The place was decorated quite nicely with white linens and candles, after setting up my equipment I helped light those candles and got ready for the guests to arrive. I was expecting a party with an open bar provided by the bride and groom, and the soft serve ice cream station for dessert. It seemed that these guys had all their bases covered for youthfulness and lots of folly. After a wholesome dinner, and heart filled speeches from the wedding party and the brides father it was time to get down. Brittany and Colten’s first dance was sung by the bride’s grandfather and brother, bringing this close to heart. After the rest of the special dances we continued the night with the bridal party dancing to The Git Up, and the groom doing the worm across the dance floor. We partied until around 1130 and I can say the floor was never empty. From the Shania Twain hits all the way to DaBaby and G-eazy, there was a group of people of the floor showing the world what they had. I had a few people inquire about some dates next year before packing up and making the 1.5 hour drive home. It was definitely a long weekend but one that was full of fun and laughter. I can’t wait for my next set of weddings and events, let’s keep em coming.

  1. Bongo Soul – Maximono, Josh Brown
  2. Every Morning – Chris Lorenzo
  3. Binding Problem – Jace Mek
  4. Birthright (Dosem Remix ) – Nora En Pure
  5. Mama (Just Kidding Remix) – Ella Eyre & Banx & Ranx ft Kiana Lede

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